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April 20, 2021
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11 Reasons why Nigeria Can’t Break Up

By James Joshua

Increasing ethnic disagreements and confrontation in Nigeria raise questions about the continuity and sustainability of the federation. Below are some of the reasons identified as bulwark against any disintegration of the nation. You may add yours to the list if any.

1. Deep suspicion and distrust among and within Southern blocs;

2. Disunity and incoherence of Middle Belt region;

3. Expected resistance from the powerful remnants of 1966 military elite;

4. Opposition of billionaire business elite;

5. Multinational business class with huge investment in Nigeria;

6. Opposition from powerful inter-ethnic alliance fostered by inter-marriage;

7. The might and strength of Nigerian security services;

8. The Nigerian military forces with historical vow to keep Nigeria one;

9. The Nigerian political elite that is masquerading only to secure power;

10. The ‘keep Nigeria one’ determination of incumbent elected leadership of the country.

11. Lack of interest for another war among ordinary Nigerians.

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