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May 17, 2021
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Ethiopian Diaspora Alliance Slams Int’l Media for Promoting False Narratives of TPLF

March 30/2021/ENA/ Ethiopian Diaspora Communication Alliance (EDCA) has condemned some renowned international media organizations for promoting fabricated and imbalanced narratives of the TPLF clique, following the law enforcement operation.

In a short video the alliance released on Monday it described the situation on the ground and noted that it is regrettable to see the international media promoting one-sided, fabricated narrations.

“It is regrettable to observe some of the hiding lobbyist as well as renowned international media organizations promoting the false narrative of a party that the Ethiopian government is engaged in a deliberate atrocities and ethnic cleansing operations,” EDCA added.

The alliance pointed out that ” in reality it was the TPLF that should be accused of the crime against humanity for its barbaric killing of non-Tigryan members of the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force and the massacre of more than 600 non-Tigrayan citizens at Maikadra.”

Non-Tigryan members of the northern command of ENDF were heinously murdered by their compatriots while asleep in Tigray where the command has been stationed for the last 20 years and guarding the northern border and serving the local community, it elaborated.

According to the alliance, the attacked command was guarding the border in peace times and serving the local community by taking part in various social and economic activities such as building schools, road construction and helping farmers during harvest seasons.

In response to the preemptive unwarranted attack, the government took swift and proportionate measures against the TPLF clique with utmost minimum damages on civilians and infrastructures.

“The Ethiopian government has done everything within its capability to avoid any danger to the lives of civil members in the conflict area and minimize damaging properties and infrastructures while it carried out its duty,” it stated.

Now, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities have been underway in the region, despite the remnants of the TPLF junta destroying infrastructures, including roads, telecommunication, and electricity.

The government now has also provided access for the foreign press to visit and report their findings about the alleged atrocities by any of the forces operating in the conflict zone as well as the scale of distribution and challenges that charity organizations and the government are facing on the ground while delivering the service, it noted.

EDCA finally called upon the international community to work together hand-in-hand to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians, stabilize the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

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