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April 15, 2021
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Insecurity: How Do We Get Here, Kukah Asked

Gbolahan Salman Sokoto

Bishop of Sokoto Diocese,  Mathew Hassan Kukah, has for the umpteenth time asked how did Nigeria gets to the level of worrisome insecurity it found herself.

Kukah stated this in his Easter message delivered on Sunday tagged, “Nigeria: Before our glory departs”. He said the country is getting tougher each passing day.
Speaking on the promises made by the President during his swearing in 2015. He said,” President Buhari at his swearing in as President of Nigeria said, Boko Haram is a typical case typical case of small fires causing large fires.

“Now before his watch, the fire are consuming the nation and in many instances, they indeed start small.
“The rumblings over the wearing of hijab in Kwara State suggest that we have not seen the end of individuals sacrificing national cohesion to feed their personal ambitions by starting small fires”

Speaking further about the peace in the country, the religion leader said, “On our national Coat of arms, we profess our motto to be, “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. But let us ask ourselves, Is Nigeria United today?
“Do citizens still have faith in the country. Where are the signs of peace or progress? Today, before our very eyes, these words have been emptied of their flavour and have lost their resonance and capacity to summon our citizens to patriotism.

“Day by Day, Nigeria drifts irreversibly into a dark tunnel. Things are falling apart with unnerving rapidity because those who govern have only a pact to protect their interests.
“Politics is merely it’s conveyor belt of ambition. Nigeria has a date with destiny, if we do not turn around” he added.
He however said even there is time for politics, time for governance, time for stealing and returning what has been stolen as well as time for governance.
He urged Nigerians to irrespective of wherever they comes from to ask themselves, what is left of the country glory.

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