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April 20, 2021
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NASFAT Collaborates With UNICEF On Ending Violence Against Women, Girls

Leading Islamic Organisation, Nasrulahi-L- Fatih Society NASFAT is to commence a campaign to tackle violence against Women and Girls in Nigeria in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

The project is an EU-UN SPOTLIGHT  Initiative on Ending Violence  Against Women and Girls Campaign in collaboration with UNICEF.

The partnership according to a statement signed by the national publicity secretary of NASFAT, Alhaji Abdulhakeem Yusuf, aims to provide a bigger platform and opportunities to enhance commitment to stamp out various forms of violence and abuses against women and girls in the society.

According NASFAT, violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is an abuse of rights that poses consequences on the health and wellbeing of the survivors or death of the victims.

The partnership with UNICEF will be for 3 months: from April to June 2021 and the campaign will be taken to communities across 5 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory FCT viz: Lagos in the South west, Cross River in the South South, Ebonyi in the South East, Adamawa in the North East, Sokoto in the North west and Abuja in the North Central.

The Programme will focus on educating the stakeholders of the society, advocacy visits to religious and community leaders, sensitization programmes for Men, Women and Youth leaders on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls in order to curb gender-based violence.

The Sensitisation exercise will be taken to selected schools in the focus states as well as Madrasahs to educate the boys and girls on how to identify actions that constitute violence, protect themselves and report.

Boys will also be sensitised on the need for them to be the protectors and not perpetrators of the evil acts.

The programme is also part of efforts aimed at reversing the grim statistics by the World Health Organization,WHO (2014) and World Bank (2018) that 35% of females globally have experienced one form of violence or the other.

Harmful practices against women in Nigeria is underlined by socio-cultural beliefs and practices with surveys such as the Violence Against children, VAC survey (NPCPC 2014) asserting that violence against the girl child is widespread in the country with 20% having experienced physical vviolence while 25% have experienced sexual violence.

The project lead for the NASFAT/UNICEF collaboration, Alhaja Ganiyat Babalola, said the partnership is not a new but a reaffirmation of a collaboration that dates back to 2017 on ending all forms of violence against women and children.

The leadership of NASFAT is prepared with its president, Niyi Yusuf, disclosing that all efforts aimed at enhancing the welfare of Nigerians is in line with its policy thrust.

He added that its women wing led by Alahja Suwebat Kupolati and Children wing Coordinator, Alhaja Faosat Lawal, are fully prepared for the implementation of the programme aimed at improving the lot of women, the girl child and putting a stop to the growing trend of gender based violence in the country.


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