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May 11, 2021
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El-Rufai: Bandits Have Lost Right To Life

Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai has said that bandits have lost their right to life and constitution and must be wiped out in their entirety.

He disclosed this in his welcome speech at a town hall meeting organised in Kaduna.

Governor El-Rufai said the meeting was held at the most challenging moment for the country, and he hopes that the discussions at the meeting will be of quality that will promote the engagements and concerns necessary for collective actions to secure the country.

He explained that amidst the sorrows and sufferings insecurity has caused many citizens, some of the compatriots will be tempted to dismiss such gatherings as futile and impotent gestures.

“No one in a position of responsibility can deny the necessity for sustained action that is in the form of proactive actions against the criminals that menace us”.

“Such security operations will not only cripple the outlaws but will also reassure ordinary citizens, boost the morale of the security agencies and provide an alternative focus for the energies that are being dissipated on divisive endeavours,” he said.

The Governor stated that the situation in which the security agencies mostly react to cases of banditry and abduction is unacceptable.

“We are in a war with these terrorists who are challenging the sovereignty of the Nigerian State and its monopoly of the instrument of cohesion across its territory”.

He however said the menace could be resolved through national consensus on the key issues that confront the country on the most effective remedies for its weaknesses.

According to him, the Nigerian state has not jealousy and consistently protected its prerogative and status, that is why its power is being challenged everywhere in the country.

He further mentioned that none of the military services nor other security agencies have been suitably expanded in numbers and equipment for over a decade

“This country does not have enough soldiers or uniform policemen and women or number of secret police to project state power adequately across its vast forest.

“The limited number of boots on the ground are not well equipped and are significantly lacking in the technology that can make their limited number matter a lot less”.

The Governor lamented that the justice system operates at a pace that does not reflect the fragility of the situation and the urgency to demonstrate that the rule of law is meaningful.

“Prosecution takes too long in this country that many citizens assume that the criminals have long been released, encouraging criminal conduct and raising the dangerous appeal to self-help”.

The meeting was attended by top government officials, traditional leaders, and security agencies amongst others.


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