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May 12, 2021
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It is with gratitude to God that i wellcome you to this very important conference on the Digital Switch on in Lagos..
This meeting is obviously put together to aggregate the involvrment or participation of stake holders, especiallg those of us in Lagos on tbe imperatives of this transition.
May i remind you that as a country, we ernestly commenced the DSO in 2016 with the pilot in Jos and subsequent roll out in 6 states,where the proposition is gaining traction.
The Switch on in Lagos is very sgnificant because Lagos is unquestionably the Media hub of Nigeria, the most populated city in the country and advertising melting point.
This conference will set the frame work for

the implementation of the process in Lagos, we have tberefore brought to you today, the Ministerial task force on the DSO chaired by tbe honorable minister himself,Digiteam is also here,tbe Free TV platform, the coalation of critical operators in the process are also here to offer detailed explanations of the process.
The Directorate of Broadcast Research and planning has undertaken a study of tbe next phase of the roll out.The research outcome indicate data or findings regarding- levelss of awareness which is still less than 2o percent,it also indicates level of preparedness by broadcasters which generally hovers about 30 percent.The report also covers expected revenues from the DSO,challenges to the roll out and current audience rating of programmes.
I therefore want to appeal to tbe Signal

distributors and channel owners to ensure that before tbe 29th of April 2021 all necessary proceedures and installations for a hitch free Switch on is concluded. The NBC shall remain in Lagos to ensure that is concluded.
To tbe box manufacturers, Lagos is a huge population, boxes must be on ground and available.Some observers remain unconvinced tbat our local box manufacturers have the capacity to deliver due largely to tbe huge projected requirement of 40 million STBs.I know tbat you will justify tbe huge confidence imposed on you tbe NBC and the government.Kindly make them available and affordable.
I must commend and appreciate broadcasters who are already giving the switch on tbe needed publicity , Channels TV —””’it goes a way to prove as they say,

we are all in this together.
May, i specially thank tbe honorable minister of Information and tbe Federal government especially since tbe coming to office of President Buhari,for tbe immesurable political, financial and moral support tbat has led to the re invigoration of tbe DSO roll out phase 2.The World is waiting to see with optimism how Nigeria will switch one of Africa’s Africa’s biggest city and population centre.And trust by Grace of God we will deliver for tbe good of tbe masses of this country.
I therefore, wellcome you to this conference and implore us all to maximize tbe opportunity.
This is Lagos
To God in Heaven be all tbe Glory

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