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May 11, 2021
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Citizen Coalition for the Sahel Issues Recommendations on Regions Crises

Amidst worsening security crisis , Citizen Coalition for the Sahel has issued a report in which its detailed state by state analysis alongside recommendations to tackling the growing insecurity in the region.

Supported by an unprecedented coalition of 48 Sahelian, West African and international organizations, the report “  Sahel: What must change  ” presents concrete recommendations to the governments of the region and their international partners for a more effective response that will stabilize the region by responding to the needs of populations affected by insecurity.

“2020 was the deadliest year for the Sahelian populations: more than 2,400 women, men and children were killed in attacks by armed groups and in counterterrorism operations. The current security approach, which does not include concrete measures to ensure the protection of civilians, has clearly failed to bring peace to the region after eight years of conflict.

“This is why the Citizen Coalition calls for a radical reorientation of priorities, so that the measure of the success of interventions in the Sahel is not only of a military nature, but favors the protection of civilians, the fight against impunity, and dialogue. with all parties to the conflict, the fight against corruption and better access to humanitarian aid. 

“In order to achieve concrete changes for the civilian populations, the report “Sahel: Ce qui changer” proposes to analyze the impact of the response to the crisis in the Sahel by the States of the region and their international partners in the region. in line with the four Citizen Pillars, by presenting concrete recommendations referring to specific indicators, based on measurable data.

This report by the Citizen Coalition for the Sahel is therefore intended as a roadmap proposed by civil society, which aims to engage in constructive dialogue with the various governments and multilateral institutions, in order to make the protection of civilian populations a priority for interventions. in the Sahel, an essential condition for restoring confidence in the State and stabilizing the region.

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