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May 11, 2021
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Uti Nwachukwu: Cheating Does Not Justify Divorce

The Big Brother Africa winner opined that cheating is not enough reason to leave a relationship as much as the partner is caring and gives maximum attention.

“Truth is, it is extremely hard for humans to be sexually committed to one human for the rest of their lives! Let’s be real and think about it. So you are expected to be physically intimate with one person for the rest of your life? (Even if you marry in your 20s?) As long as you have a partner that is kind to you, provides for you, spends adequate time with you/does not neglect you emotionally and physically,” he expressed in a series of tweets.

Uti further likened marriage to various types of dishes saying “Starch and Banga is super tasty and your favorite but there are days you wake up craving king prawns with special fried rice. For your information, if Banga is forced down your throat, you might end up resenting Banga for a long time.”

Continuing, he wrote, “We are so obsessed with relationships yet we have refused to accept the inconvenient truths about them. I feel the needless pressure of monogamy has/is still destroying relationships. Not to say it doesn’t work o! But most long-term monogamous relationships are pretentious, hypocritical, and sad. Yet they are the ones quick to judge and pressure others living freely.

“This is a real non-judgemental conversation, everyone should have with themselves and their intending partners so you don’t lead anyone into depression via deceit. Know yourself no be a curse, who dey cry dey see the road. Whether you are female or male, your preferences are your preferences (as long as it’s not an addiction). Let’s not talk about Solomon’s wives and concubines because we know when we add religion, the conversation becomes closed and heated,” he concluded.


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