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May 12, 2021
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#Chad: Think Tank Makes Proposals to Military Council

Construction du Tchad (GRAC-TCHAD) organized this Wednesday a day of proposals to the Transitional Military Council (CMT) for the establishment of new democratic institutions that guarantee peace, security and stability in the country.

Gathered around their president Ahmat Haroun Larry, the members of GRAC-TCHAD who support the CMT propose: the establishment of a government of national unity where all the vital forces of the nation will be represented (civil society, political parties, military, personalities, etc); the creation of a ministry in charge of national reconciliation led by a cadre of integrity and animated by a high sense of patriotism; and the organization of an inclusive national forum in order to gather the proposals of the Chadians within the framework of the drafting of a new constitution.

GRAC-TCHAD urges the CMT to keep its commitment to organize free and transparent elections within 18 months and encourages the CMT to ensure the defense and security of the integrity of the territory.

Regarding the National Transitional Council (CNT), GRAC-TCHAD would like it to be made up of 40 members of political parties, 20 members of civil society, 20 members of the defense and security forces and 13 members of others. corporations. Its composition must take into account competent men and women to help the smooth transition succeed.

For GRAC-TCHAD, the duration of the transition should not exceed 18 months. The transitional institutions must remain functional until the effective installation of the new institutions, while the members of the transitional government must not be candidates in the next election.

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