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April 4, 2020
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By Sufuyan Ojeifo Last year, in a tribute I penned, titled: “Dynamite comes in small packages” to celebrate Comrade Adams Aliyu  Oshiomhole’s 67th anniversary on April 4, I had posited that the truth of that statement, whose author was unidentified, was a matter for public contemplation. But, without wasting time,  and by a sheer extrapolation, Continue Reading
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   By Seini Zakaria Niger republic is in mourning as the head of muslim ummah in the country ,Sheikh Oumar Ismaël, popularly called ‘Marabout of Marabouts’,is dead . President Muhammed Issoufou of Niger republic described the late Sheikh as a great man of faith who dedicated his life to building consensus ,unity and harmony. This […]Continue Reading
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by  Sarah Ladislaw Many people have heralded the “end of OPEC” throughout its 60-year history. Even when it was alive some analysts regarded it as functionally dead several times. The most recent time was during the oil price crash of 2014 when U.S. oil production so voraciously outpaced demand growth that OPEC walked away from […]Continue Reading
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–Proposes bill on health and social security for all Nigerians  Federal and State Governments have been asked to ensure transparency in the management of the over N30 billion donated by different groups and institutions towards the management of the coronavirus pandemic. In a mid-week statement, a coalition of several civil society organisations led by Human […]Continue Reading
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The Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo state governor, Mr Taiwo Adisa, in this interview with Nigerian Tribune, speaks on circumstances surrounding the governor’s Covid 19 positive status, fate of the governor’s aides, disposition of the government towards a total lockdown of the state and measures targeted at preventing a community spread of the virus […]Continue Reading