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May 17, 2021
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Trump has lost reelection after a vitriolic, misinformation-laden presidency, networks project. President declines to concede as vote count continues. Former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States after weeks of voting and three agonizing days of counting, and amid ongoing legal challenges and allegations, presented without Continue Reading
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Several senators with national-security posts win re-election. There was no decisive winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election as of midnight on Wednesday night, leaving Americans anxious, uncertain and wary of potential unrest as votes continue to be counted in the days to come. Democratic candidate Joe Biden led President Donald Trump by 213 to 145 electoral […]Continue Reading
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Experts say that high tensions could lead to a combustible situation this week. Police departments across the country are bracing for civil unrest this week — and they’re not alone. Online posts by left- and right-wing extremists show that both sides expect the other to instigate violence on or after Election Day, according to data […]Continue Reading
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The US presidential campaign enters its final day Monday with a last-minute scramble for votes by Donald Trump and Joe Biden, drawing to a close an extraordinary race that has put a pandemic-stricken country on edge. But while campaigning will halt and voters will have their say on Tuesday, many questions remain over how soon a result […]Continue Reading
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We have to be able to talk about the military’s political influence. BY THOMAS CROSBIE  A heated debate is unfolding over a possible role to be played by the U.S. military in safeguarding the democratic transfer of presidential power on January 20, 2021. Two retired U.S. Army officers, John Nagl and Paul Yingling, began the […]Continue Reading
BY KATIE BO WILLIAMS The candidate’s surrogates are outlining a plan to beat China’s leaders, not change them. In April, Joe Biden, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee, issued a controversial campaign ad slamming President Donald Trump for “roll[ing] over for the Chinese” in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.  The ad cast […]Continue Reading