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May 13, 2021
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Mail’s Junta Vows To Establish Transition Government in 18-Month

The head of Mali’s military junta, Col- onel Assimi Goita, yesterday vowed to establish an 18-month transition gov- ernment, at the close of talks on re- turning the country to civilian rule fol- lowing last month’s coup.

An expert group appointed by the junta adopted a charter for an 18-month transition government, the president of which would either be a military officer or a civilian, the AFP reports.

“We make a commitment before you to spare no effort in the implementa- tion of all these resolutions in the ex- clusive interest of the Malian people,” Goita said.

It would be recalled that the junta which seized power in August had said its wants a military-led transitional body to rule for three years

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