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January 17, 2020
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by JUSTIN SHERMAr Moscow’s efforts to keep data on home soil are of interest to other authoritarian states — and even some liberal democracies. Cyberspace, as many liberal democratic governments see it, is inherently free and open, a boon to democracy that states should not control. Russia, which does not share this view, worries that information […]Continue Reading
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Reports from across the Sahelian states of Niger,Mali,Bourkina Faso,Maurutania and even Chad indicated a growing push against French troops presence. In the last two weeks ,Sahelians are increasingly establishing a link between French troops and terrorism expansion. This view is strong in Mali,Bourkina Faso and lately in Niger republics. There is a thinking, which both Continue Reading
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Amidst ruffled feathers, south-western states of Nigeria took their destiny in their hands and launched their Amotekun on Thursday. The Yoruba people know that a madness that takes years figuring out how to be naked will never dance in the marketplace. They have seen the king’s selective potency – and his selective impotence. They also […]Continue Reading
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BY JASON BORDOFF In his 2006 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush warned that “America is addicted to oil” and called for a sharp reduction in imports from the Middle East. The comments reflected a long-standing concern: For decades, dependence on Middle Eastern oil constrained U.S. foreign policy options in the region and required resources Continue Reading
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While urging the Ivorian Parliamentary Assembly to go beyond expression of concerns relating to the situation of the five Ivorian parliamentarians in preventive detention since December 23, 2019, Amnesty International has, in a statement dated January 10, cautioned the authorities in Abidjan to grant right to a fair trial for members of the opposition. The […]Continue Reading
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By Olawale Rasheed  Something fundamental happened to the Nigerian federation last week.It was small but within it is a greater maximal political implication, especially for the much debated restructuring of the skewed federal structure.The South West region of Nigeria has consciously set the tone for national reforms in the security sub-sector. The emergence of Amotekun Continue Reading
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“• The allegations of “extortion” against me is baseless, factless, unfounded, hollow and unsubstantial. • It is a scripted stream of mischievous concoctions and utter fabrications using a puppet state agent; all aimed at splashing feaces and mud on me. • The extortion allegation is nothing but a wholesale falsehood, packaged in a phantom anti-graft […]Continue Reading
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By Nebahat Tanriverdi Yasar   Turkey’s expansion of its range in central Mediterranean toward Libya is leading to geopolitical transformations in regionNebahat Tanriverdi Yasar   The crisis in Libya and disputes over the eastern Mediterranean’s energy resources have been at the top of the international agenda since two agreements were reached between Continue Reading
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…Global Growth: Modest Pickup to 2.5% in 2020 amid Mounting Debt and Slowing Productivity Growth ….”Growth in Nigeria expected to edge up to 2.1% as the macroeconomic framework is not conducive to confidence” Global economic growth is forecast to edge up to 2.5% in 2020 as investment and trade gradually recover from last year’s significant […]Continue Reading