Aftermath of Jandor-Funke Strategy; APC Govt Orders Closure of Alimosho Markets

Press Statement: The soaring popularity of the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP, in the 2023 gubernatorial elections in Lagos state Dr Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran-JANDOR and Funke Akindele as evidenced in their acceptance reception by the various groups during their tour of Alimosho communities remains a pointer to the rejection of the current clueless government in the state who had inflicted the people with untowards poverty and depredations in the last twenty three years. This government yet continue to harass, intimidate and coarse people to continue their imperialism governance in Lagos state.

As at the time of this statement two (2) markets in Alimosho area namely council market, idimu and pudaki (akeja) market, ile iwe, egbe are currently on lockdown while the responsible citizens plying their trades in these markets are been threatened and intimidated. The attitude of the representatives of the government of Lagos state towards the people of the market is appalling and shameless.

The leadership of our party finds the intimidation of the good people of the state by this government disheartening and uncalled for. We would like to condemn in strong term the attitude of the APC government agents in these markets and to restate our support for the people who under democratic rule are entitled to choose who leads them through the ballot.

We would like to warn the APC government in the state that our party and our candidates will not fold its arm while they continue their misanthropic policies and programs while using the government apparatus to cow everyone to do their whims and caprices.

Recently, governor Babajide Sanwo-olu boasted that the people of the state are behind his government and that Lagos is the base for APC, we are by this statement challenging him and his fellow cohorts in the state to respect the tenets of democracy and freedom of speech and self expression as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and allow the good people of Lagos to choose who will form the government of Lagos state in 2023 through the ballot without intimidation and undue influence.

We are also using this opportunity to call on well meaning citizens of the state to rise up to defend democracy in Lagos state and to protect individuals in the state to enable them make their choice in the coming election freely without fear or favour.

Thank you

Hon. Hakeem Amode
Lagos State PDP Publicity Secretary
Chairman, Media and Publicity Team JandorFunke 2023 Campaign.

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