ACCI to Host Policy Roundtable on Block Chain Tech Policy in Nigeria

The National Chamber Policy Centre of Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is set to host Policy Roundtable on development of multi trillion dollar crypto currency and block chain tech policy in Nigeria.

The hybrid event is designed to convoke a gathering of stakeholders within the blockchain technology space to brainstorm on the making of a draft Blockchain and crypto currency policy framrwork for Nigeria.

According to a statement by the Executive Director of the National Chamber Policy Centre, Mr Olawale Rasheed, “the event is urgent now more than ever before because of the huge revenue loss Nigeria is experiencing from the lack of regulatory framework for the crypto, blockchain space.

“Currently an increasing number of Nigerians are involved in deploying crypto currency for business operations. In Africa, Nigeria ranks almost number one in term of operations and returns on crypto operations. Unfortunately, the capital gain tax accruable on such operations are paid to Ghana and other neighbouring nations. We Cannot continue to lose billion of dollar at a time Nigeria is undergoing severe fiscal pressure”, the NCPC Director noted.

The event seeks to assess the state of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, review the consequences of ban on cryptocurrency, , brainstorm on the creation of a national strategy and policy on cryptocurrency blockchain technology and profers a regukatpry framework for the sector.

The roundtable will be joining similar developments from all over the world where many governments are rather working to create a regulatory environment for the cryptocurrency rather than driving it underground.

The event will attract stakeholders from Crypto Naija House, Binance, Federal Inland Revenue (IRS), Security Exchange Commission (SEC), banking sector, National Assembly and other stakeholders.

The event holds at Abuja Trade and Centre on April 28th.

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