2022: Let’s End Insecurity, Corruption – North Central People’s Forum

The North Central Peoples’ Forum says Nigeria must be resolute enough to find solutions to endemic corruption, kidnapping, banditry, terror and other forms of insecurity in the new year.

It said unemployment, disunity, sectionalism and other retrogressive realities that had plagued the country and left it behind most nations of the world should also be addressed.

The executive chairman of the forum, Chief Gabriel Yakubu Aduku, said this in a new year message on behalf of the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the forum, Senator Jeremiah Timbut Useini.

He called for a collective decision that would promote the values of mutual tolerance and the determination to attain the status of an economically transformed and socially cohesive country driven by modern science and technology.

He said: “As we say goodbye to the year 2021, it has, on the one hand, availed us an opportunity to put behind us the division, rancour, hardship, frustration and uncertainty which dominate our public life as a nation and held us back up to this present moment; and on the other hand, given us a better opportunity to open a new page in this New Year where we all work together in singleness of purpose, building a country of our collective dream.

“However, one thing we can always celebrate in our country-Nigeria is that we live in one of the most amazing countries on earth, with a wonderful ‘Nigerian spirit’, which means that we will always overcome whatever challenges we face.”

He added: “Just as the Motto of our Forum postulates ‘Unity, Peace and Progress’, every citizen of this country, regardless of his/her social and economic status, has a moral and constitutional obligation to contribute to the unity, peace and progress of our fatherland.”


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