Nigerian Advocate Gets Numerous Admission and Scholarship Offers To Attend Law School In The United States

Deborah Gillis-Harry, Youth Ambassador of South-South Chamber of Commerce, is set to attend law school in the United States. She received multiple merit-based scholarship offers from various educational institutions totaling in about $300,000. After weighing her options, she decided to attend the University of Houston Law Center. She has a very impressive background so it’s no surprise that she has accomplished such a great achievement.

We sat down with her to learn about her inspiring journey. First and foremost, our initial interaction with Deborah left us feeling hopeful for our youths. She mentioned that she has been passionate about law and justice from a young age. She believes that advocacy is essential for a prosperous society.

What inspired you to pursue law?

“From a young age, I have been passionate about reading and writing. I honestly derive so much joy from pursing knowledge. When I was younger, my friends would always call me a bookworm because my head was always in a book. I knew that I would find myself in the field of law one day. I am passionate about adding value to people’s lives and law offers a pathway to achieve that goal.”

How was the admission process like?

“Honestly, applying for law school in America is a competitive process. I had to learn a lot along the way. When I realized I wanted to advance my legal capacity, I was in an interesting place in my life. During the pandemic, I decided to travel the world and just have fun. We were in scary times, and I got tired of feeling trapped, so I just decided to focus on traveling and living in the moment.  It was in my time traveling that I got to meet various individuals who inspired me. I realized that there was so much more I could offer the world. I studied for the LSAT using YouTube, LSAC and Khan academy. These resources allowed me to score high enough to gain admission into Tier 1 law schools. I had to write several personal statements, pay application fees, and apply to several school. It was a very expensive and time-consuming process. When I got my admission and scholarship offers, I was filled with great joy. It’s nice to know that hard work does pay off.

What do you hope to achieve in law school?

“My main focus is graduating top of my class and passing the Bar exam. The next three years are going to be demanding, but I framed all my admission and scholarship letters to remind me of my value. I hope to participate in Law Review and Moot Court. Overall, my goal is to continue advancing my legal writing and research skills. My goals is to continue to get future scholarships based on my merits. Unfortunately, when you turn down an admission offer, you also lose the money the school offers. However, I am determined to apply to as many scholarships that I can to help me achieve my goals.”

Any words of wisdom to students who are seeking to gain admission into law school?

“Focus on your grades! Make sure you graduate top of your undergraduate class. I was privileged to graduate top 10% of my class and I think that played a significant role in my admission process. Also, be involved in your community and take on leadership roles for causes you are passionate about. I believe that a well-rounded individual will be highly sought after. Also, make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare for the LSAT. Most important, don’t lose sight of the goal. You will get tired, and you will want to give up. But please, keep going!”

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