2023 Presidency: Anyim’s Sure And Steady Steps

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim’s first few steps into the ocean of 2023 Politicking has clearly shown that it would not swallow him. He has made a few outings as part of his consultations with stakeholders on his ambition to become the President and of Nigeria in 2023. Feedback from those few initial steps are nothing but convincing that though the waters of Nigerian politics may be mucky and deep, they would not swallow him, that he will sail across the sea safely with Nigeria intact.
Every stakeholder consulted so far spoke with deep conviction that Anyim has what it takes to fix Nigeria. They didn’t make political or diplomatic statements, they did not try to be politically correct by saying things that suit him, they were specific and blunt that he is the right man to lead Nigeria in 2023 if Nigerians truly want a change for better for their country.
In terms of experience, he is well equipped. In terms of skill, Anyim “full ground” as Nigerians would say in informal (pidgin) English Language. In terms of Divine providence, he has the anointing of God to succeed and that explains why he always waits to hear from God before embarking on any endeavour. He began his career as a public servant, then ventured into politics, became a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then President of the Senator and after that, was appointed secretary to the government of the federation (SGF). In all the processes, there were clear manifestation of divine interventions because many people who followed his career including Anyim himself still cannot, by mere human knowledge explain how he accomplished the feats he has recorded.
Though he is physically gigantic and strong but by strength shall no man prevail and the race hasn’t always been for the swift but for those who God has blessed. The story of Anyim’s Senate Presidency has not been told, the battles he fought, the seemingly impossible victories he pulled off and the brushes he suffered, the respect and dignity he brought to the Legislature have not been publicly documented enough. Whatever you have read about his senate presidency are what Igbos call “esele enu ego”. That roughly and operationally translates to “tip of the ice-bag. He fights, wins and takes a break to fight again.
Since his last outing as SGF, he has been quiet and meditating on Nigeria’s deterioration. 2023 offers a window for intervention to stop the ship of the state from sinking. After hearing from God, he has thrown his hat into the ring without any intention of throwing in the towel until victory is won and ultimately, Nigeria is stabilized and once again and set on the road for genuine all round growth. That is why he is going round on consultations with major stakeholders. His hosts so far have received him as a great Nigerian, strong and capable (mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually) to redeem Nigeria. They have also seen him as a good man, a good Nigerian of Igbo extradition who can fix Nigeria as a national service and close the yawning gap of exclusion which Igbos have been subjected to since Nigeria’s independence in 1960.
Igbos do not, and should have no regrets or apology for sentimental demand for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.
Sentiment gave southwest president in 1999 when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was brought out of the prison and made president to assuage Yorubas who were unjustly denied the presidency won in 1993 by their kin, the late M. O. K. Abiola but lost through the annulment of the presidential election conducted in June of that year. Sentiment gave south south the president in 2011 because Nigeria was desperately looking for way(s) to pacify restive south south militants. It was on the basis of sentiment the north mobilized to take over power in 2015 to complete their tenure that was cut short because of President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death in office. What the Igbos owe Nigeria is a president who will halt the destruction of the country and in Anyim that quality leader is found. In fact, Igbos and Nigerians should look no further because the political messiah has come.
Anyim has acknowledged his Igboness, has acknowledged that for the sake fairness, the Presidency should come to the south east and topped these up with his repeated assertion that he is running for the topmost job primarily because he has a clear idea of what Nigeria’s problems are and that he has solutions to tackle the problems.
Hear him, “I have looked forward, I have looked backward, and I can confidently say that I have been part of the process, I have good knowledge of what the challenges are and I have good idea of what the solutions are and I thought that I should step forward to contest the next election as the president of the nation”, Anyim stated at the Palace of the Emir of Lafia.
In him, every Nigerian is well pleased because Anyim satisfies the yearnings of all the divides.
For those Anyim has consulted so far, from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to Chief Edwin Clark, to the Emir of Lafia, etc, the consensus was that Anyim is the right man for the President of Nigeria.
Anyim’s time has come, Igbos’ time has come, Nigeria’s time has come, all rolled into one person -Anyim, and all rolled into one time – 2023.


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