BOGIS IGR Rises To N1.42b With Ground Rests Compliances

The Borno State Geographic Information Service (BOGIS) internally generated revenues (IGR) has hit N1.42 billion with the compliance of title landholders to pay their ground rents and other land titles.

According to the agency, in overcoming the challenges of compliance to the laws of land administration, the IGR rose from N14.6 million in 2017 to N1.42 billion last year.

Announcing the revenue rise, yesterday (Saturday), the Execute Secretary of BOGIS, Engr.  Adam Bababe disclosed: “With the Agency’s sensitization of the public, the title landholders are fully complying in paying their ground rents,” he said.

On the challenges of land administration, he said: “Life is all about challenges. And without challenges, we can’t say there is life.”

Besides, he added that before the establishment of the agency, land administration had been an eyesore to the public.

He lamented that it has led to the generation of many title landholders to a plot of land or house.

Bababe attributed the multiple title landholdings to the malfunctioning of land administration for several decades.

According to him, the triangular decay comprises unscrupulous staff of agency and the public’s ignorance of ownership of land titles.

He noted that the most dangerous one, is the connivance of land vendors and criminals with the ward heads.

He therefore warned that the criminal elements and vendors usually connive to dupe the ignorant general public.

“This is why the agency commenced to correct the land administration first, before cleansing the system,” he said.

He added that the people had to be convinced; despite COVID-19 and the economic meltdown, to pay their ground rents and other titles to raise revenues.

He said that these are the processes of the agency to comply with international best practices in land administration.

By Mohammed Farouk

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