Osun 2022: The Need For The Youths To Beyond Moneybags

Citizens and residents of Osun State, like the rest of the their compatriots, went to the poll to elect their political leaders, particularly the governor. In their minds, their participation in the said voting was a natural duty and the outcome of which would determine the path for the State and their welfare. They might not had any inkling that the outcome of the said election would eventually lead to another contest in the courtrooms.

The cessation of the litigation which returned Ogbẹnu Rauf Aregbesola as the winner of the election booted Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola out of office on the 27th day of November, 2009. By implication, the judicial pronouncement altered the cause of history in the State as to the period of governorship election.

That situation that led to the off-season governorship election in the State might not be reversed period in the foreseeable future. We have to continue holding our governorship elections at special times different from the national calendar for the large part of the country.

The point of this piece is informed by the need to look beyond the usual monetary gimmicks which majority of the electorate (the youths) easily fall for. Most voters become queasy when money is mentioned as an inducement to vote in a particular direction, thereby opening their minds to deception and enjoy the spoils of corruption they are blaming public office holders of perpetrating. If we give a thought to why don’t politicians hardly attach any substance to our opinions after election, probably we would understand our long throats have misled us. From experience, most politicians feel their electoral victory is a commodity bought and paid for in a transactional form.

The youths of Nigeria, particularly those in Osun State, honest and sincere leadership is as germane to our present and future as oxygen is important to our lives. Democracy offers us a big chance in decision-making and trading that fundamental chance for money is akin to a man that sold his manhood and is crying over lack of sexual urge.

An x-ray of of the capacity of the youth to compete economically with one another and utilize their potential for national development suggests the government has not made sufficient investment in youth development. In the same in, the youths have almost abdicated from political space and are not participating soundly in the way Nigerian leaders become elected.

Nigerian youths have genuine complaints as they have been bilked by misgovernance. But, those complaints cannot be addressed on social media platforms. The most viable avenue for addressing such remains active participation in the game of electing leaders.

In democracy, leaders are elected by the people with highest number. It is evidently clear that youths’ population is proportionally higher than any other segment of the population. It’s now a fundamental question of deploying that advantage to elect their choice leaders.

As another election is forthcoming, politicians are warming up, strategizing and mobilizing money as usual and traversing any length to manipulate the people’s situation to offer ludicrous sums to buy people’s votes. When the election period phases out, then the people would resort to the usual agonies and lamentations against bad leadership when, in actual sense, most people have sold their conscience and birthright to pave way for dishonest leaders.

The task ahead could be taxing, but with determination, the youths could resist the urge to pander to desperate politicians and elect a candidate with proven integrity, sound background in governance. In doing this, the development of strong minds to look beyond momentary gratifications is key.

As 2022 beckons to Osun State, the youths should elect to different.

Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi, FCA
Charitable Youth for Nation-Building Initiative

Email: charitableyouthfor@gmail.com

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