We’ll Defeat Evil Forces Contesting The Soul Of Nigeria – Osinbajo

Even though “the soul of the North, and of Nigeria by extension, is being contested by some of the most destructive and evil forces in contemporary history,” the Buhari Administration is firmly resolved to resist and defeat them, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,

He said this as the Special Guest of Honour at the 8th Sir Ahmadu Bello Foundation Memorial Lecture, on Tuesday, in Kano.

Osinbajo did not mince words, asserting that “it is a fight we are determined to win. And we know that by the grace of God, all of these evil forces will be completely exterminated.”

Emphasising the rationale for a tough, collaborative resistance, the VP submitted that without it “neither the glorious legacies of the past nor the future our children will inherit, is immune to the unchecked onslaught.”

It is for this reason, he explained, that the President “on numerous occasions reiterated the view that our peace and security architecture must recognize that traditional institutions are our first line of defence against the forces of anarchy.”

He further noted that this explains why the Federal Government has deepened its partnership with traditional institutions on several fronts, adding that “given their familiarity with the local environment, traditional institutions are integral to our nationwide programme of community policing and can deliver valuable intelligence to State authorities.”

Continuing the VP said, “many communities, the military and law enforcement agencies are partnering with local age-grade groups, hunters, and various associations under the sanction of the traditional leadership.”

“We will also continue to encourage collaboration between the Federal Ministry of Justice, their State counterparts, and law enforcement, to ensure that those who have been apprehended for terrorism and violent crimes are effectively prosecuted.”

Osinbajo then underscored the influential role of traditional institutions and leaders as bridge-builders in communities in order to effectively tackle security challenges and promote peace and unity, at the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation lecture on Leadership and Good Governance which was titled “Reviving the Northern Traditional Institutions: Imperative for Peace and Security in Northern Nigeria.”

While in Kano, the Vice President, who received a rousing reception and cheers from the people of the State at several points on the road including atop bridges and at every street stop, also paid condolence visits to the families of the former presidential candidate, late Dr. Bashir Tofa, renowned Islamic scholar, late Sheikh Ahmad Bamba of BUK and community leader, the late Alhaji Hassan Naif.

Traditional institutions complement democracy

But earlier while addressing the theme of the lecture, the VP noted that traditional institutions complement democracy in building a more inclusive and peaceful society, even as he noted that “the extensive influence within the existing Northern traditional leadership is urgently needed today more than ever.”

“In today’s world, the continued existence of these traditional institutions and communal sensibilities, side by side with the machinery of our modern democracy, gives us an advantage that we must invoke. The moral and legal frameworks of this entrenched structural duality allow us to be able to tackle problems, like insecurity, holistically,” he added.

Osinbajo highlighted examples from the Emirate system of Northern Nigeria, which he described as “a well-structured institution with a network of community leaders who helped sustain peace and security throughout their domains.”


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