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Oseyiza King Oogbodo, aka Kingg Oogbodo as a musician-model-actor-content creator, and Oseyiza Oogbodo as a writer-poet-author-journalist, has cried out for help.

According to the author of Women Don’t ENJOY Sex, If My Daughter Becomes A Prostitute, Demons Tremble At My Sight, Jesus Will Return Through Nigeria, I Wasn’t Paid For My Bill Clinton Performance and other books, he was at home on November 14, 2021 at about 9.30pm when there was a knock on the door.

Since he was expecting his family who were due to return home that day from a birthday party they went to from the day before, the Swagga 4 Jesus, I Can’t Marry A Poor Girl, No Money 2 Record, Woman Na Money singer eagerly opened the door and was confronted instead by two men who showed him their guns and requested to speak with him.

They went in with him and explained that they had come to notify him his late mother was a member of their cult and he was the one she chose to replace her there after her demise.

“They claimed I’m the chosen one because I’m my mother’s favourite child, the only one who shared the same birth month with her and spent the most time with her because of the affinity we had. They claimed I’ve enjoyed their privilege through my mother when they intervened for me when I wrote a story about Charly Boy that he was gay and the head of Illuminati in Nigeria. That it was because of them Charly Boy suddenly dropped his lawsuit against my employers then, National Mirror, though he had every chance of winning the case. That it was also because of them National Mirror didn’t sack me then as they should have because I didn’t have the necessary evidence in recording of how I got to know Charly Boy was gay and head of Nigeria’s Illuminati.”

Oogbodo, whose debut poetry collection is Dedication To The Ugly and is presently working on his sophomore, The Failure, continued that “they told me my membership wasn’t optional as my mother’s oath with them had made it statutory and they had come to notify me of it at that time as per my mother’s request that they should only do so from two weeks after her burial and then give me some time to think about it.

“Listening to them, I was in both shock and awe and told them I didn’t believe them. They said it didn’t matter and I should be prepared to do their bidding willingly or unwillingly and that it was only after my initiation I would know everything about them and equally importantly, my mother’s involvement with them as well as my expected role.

“And when they were leaving, they told me to escort them and after walking them a short distance from my house, they told me to go back.

“The following day, I went to the police station in my area to report the matter and they gave me a number to call them on the next time the men came to me.”

Continuing, Oogbodo, who promotes his music through Blood Entertainment (Eje), said, “I tried to put it out of my mind and also resorted to praying steadfastly that no evil would befall me. And I felt my prayer was being answered until Tuesday January 11, 2022 when a set of two different men came in the night again.

“They knocked and when I questioned who was there, they asked for me by my name. I opened up for them though I didn’t know their voices because there was no point not to since they knew me. They said they had come to know my stance about joining their cult and I tried to play along with them so as to get more information from them.

“I asked the name of the cult and they said they were Ogboni ‘something’ which I can’t remember now. When I wanted to ask more questions, they asked if my interest meant I was now ready to be a member. I said I needed to know more to make up my mind and they said they could only tell me more on membership but one thing they could tell me was that my membership would be to my own greatest benefit as it would make me influential.

“I asked if I would be required to sacrifice a human life or even lives and if my mother actually sacrificed anyone. They both laughed and one of them responded that strong people did whatever they had to. Then they demanded to know what my membership conclusion was and I said they should give me more time and they said they would get back to me but I should know I was running out of time and they left.

“Their second visit made it obvious to me this was a very serious issue and I had to be very careful. Though the police had given me their number to call them immediately I sighted them again, I just couldn’t risk that with people wielding guns so I went back to the police station to report the issue again and the officers I met at the station were sleeping right in mid-afternoon and probably unhappy I disturbed her sleep, the one who attended to me just said I would have to go and report at a higher police station as that one in my area was just a small affair. 

“So I’m using this medium at this point to reach out to these faceless people that I don’t believe them for one second that my mother was their member and that I’m certainly not interested in them so they should just leave me alone.”

Oogbodo is also a journalist who has written for The Comet, The Nation, Nigerian Compass, National Mirror, The Point and now runs his own online newspaper, Oseyiza Oogbodo Blog.

He edited Royal Africa Trade magazine and Danfo Express newspaper and acted in the movies: Esther – The Queen Who Stopped A Genocide, Ika Nation, The Cross And The Moon, Bleeding Soul, The Undead.

His other acting credits are in the short YouTube movies: Nigerian Man Forces His Daughter To Marry A Yoruba Man And Regrets It Forever and Nigerian Man Decides To Kill His Girlfriend Because She Didn’t Give Him Sex.

His debut album is Carry Your Own Cross and his most recent released song is Person Need 2 Blow (A Cappella) which can be streamed on his Audiomack and SoundCloud channels.


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