Nation’s Economy, Institutions Are At Free Fall

The former FSB Managing Director, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen has said that the nation and its economy are in a free fall with sharp unraveling of people’s ways of life.

According to him, the free fall in deterioration also includes people’s dignity, self-worth and some established institutions in the country.

Hayatu-Deen raised the alarm, yesterday (Saturday) in Maiduguri during his “re-registration and validation” of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) membership in Khaddamari ward of Jere council in  Borno state.  

“The nation is heading in the wrong direction,” he warned; as signs of decay have been looming on the horizon for quite some time,

He said that in the last 13 years, the nation’s economy has literally been in a free fall; with sharp and rapid unraveling of people’s ways of life.

While lamenting insecurity to life and property, he said: “We can no longer feel safe or secure in homes, streets or highways.”

He said that having unfettered access to basic social amenities and quality education and healthcare, the downtrodden have been taken for granted to continue to live in fears and uncertainties.

According to him, even the sacred national anthem that binds the people as a nation, is observed more in the breach than in practice.

“The foundation of nation’s unity has come under stress and strains,” he lamented, adding that carnage is being unleashed on citizens by violence and terror across the country.

He warned that the nation has seen enough bloodshed and the thought of further bloodshed must be abhorring to the people.

On his traumatic experiences, he said: “My younger sister, married with children, was captured by Boko Haram in 2016 along with her 7- year old son and her toddler daughter in Bama.

“Her son was presumably killed while she and her toddler were taken to Sambisa forest. After 2 years in captivity serving as a cook for Abubakar Shekau and his men.

“She risked it on a rainy night, bundled her toddler and made a daring escape through the forest and ran aimlessly for three days.”

He said that troops on routine patrol rescued and evacuated them to safety to join their family members.

Continued: “The vast areas of this country have been torched by bandits and terrorists who are hell bent on extracting more than their fair share through the back door,” stating that they believe the dividends of democracy should legitimately belong to them.

He noted that many people in the country; are not taking active interest in how they are governed.

He explained how people expect change to occur, while they don’t effectively participate in the political process by demanding leaders to be accountable to the electorates.

He therefore decided after profound deep reflection, to put his lots with the opposition PDP to become a member of the party.

He attributed his membership to the existence of the two major political parties, PDP and All Progressive Party (APC), pioneering party; accumulation of experience in governance for 16 years.

“PDP has taken lessons on board as it reboots its strategy to recapture power from APC in 2023,” he said, as the party has pulled its act together based on the seamless conduct of elections for various party organs and offices.

“One of my most profound reasons for standing with the PDP has to do with my abiding faith and implicit trust in Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP Chairman,” he said.

By Mohammed Farouk

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