Oluwo, A Victim Of Truth

By Ibraheem Alli

The most constant thing is truth. Tell it million times, it maintains the same shape . Humanity adores it but human hate it. The most unpleasant is, people attack the Messenger/source of truth than truth itself. When Prophet Issa came with truth, they attacked and blackmailed him, even than his message. Many years after his departure, Prophet Muhammed came with the truth, they denounced his message and called him unprintable names. My name shake, Prophet Ibraheem was also condemned for following the truth message of God. Today , his truth and strange, divined decision led to Mecca where sinners are running to for forgiveness. When he took that spirited decision to dump his wife and only child, they said he was mad. All Prophets were victims of the truth they symbolized.

I’m not saying Oluwo is a Prophet. Prophetism has been sealed to the time of Muhammed (Akehinde gbegbon).Universally, truth is constant but not all telling it are consistent. When you tell the truth, you have inner peace but the recipient will shout and condemn you with your message. Oluwo is tagged a controversial king because he represents the truth. He finds new path in truth.

The founder of Iwo was Adekola Telu, the only son and heir apparel of the only female Alaafin of Ife (Ooni of Ife), Luwo Gbagida. It was reported Luwo was the 16th Ooni just as Adewale is the 16th Oluwo, coronated on 16th of 2016. The foundation of Iwo was Odidere. When God spoke to Luwo, the Amazon gave his son, Telu, a crown with entourage to settle at a site where they found parrot. Parrot is the only living thing speaking aside human being. What parrot(Odidere) does is to tell the truth. Parrot talks in truth, flies and zooms to portray truth. Another attribute of parrot is, it is colourful. A liberal minds are enjoined to re examine the modulus operandi of Iwo, you would agree with me that , he is a perfect representation of Iwo, the home of the parrots. He tells the truth and has colourful appearance, always.

But because many hate the truth, they run their mouths against him and his actions. They institute litigations and organize press conferences to condemn the truth and its messenger. In this case, neither the truth nor it messenger can be killed. They schemed and planned but God is the best planner. He can only be caught if his messages are not genuine.

To those running their resources to antagonize the truth, your lies are tired and could no longer fly. Your flaws have been exposed. Many are no more interested in lies that has pushed us so backward. Only parrot flies. Tell me an object representing lies that has ever flies? The truth may not only consume your lies but also you. You concocted and confabulated lies to attack the truth, you sold properties and hold monthly meeting to checkmate truth, you organize press conferences and stage managed implicative actions to disorganize truth, and gradually, you are going into oblivion. Despite the humongous resources they have expended in de-marketing Oluwo, he keeps growing. His strength keeps multiplying.

Today, to the glory of God and the few who stand for the truth, truth is prevailing. The ignorant of yesterday are getting the message. The next empire is rising. Modern, promising monarchy is rejuvenating. Darkness is fading, light is taking over. With courage, consistency and dedication to the truthful course, Oluwo is reclaiming his glory and restoring hope in the traditional institution.

Ibraheem Alli is chief press secretary to Oluwo of Iwoland

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