Farmers’ Intervention Programme: Corporate Farmers group commends Gov. Adekeke

Osun corporate farmers’ group has commended Governor Ademola Adeleke over his farmers’ Intervention initiatives, pledging to massively mobilize for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming elections.

In a statement issued on behalf of the group by Mr Dauda A. Bamigbade, CEO, Bamigbade Multiventures Limited, the farmers’ intervention agenda of Governor Adeleke was described as “a timely support for the Agricultural sector ahead of the rainy season.

“We want to sincerely appreciate Governor Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke of Osun State for pushing to fulfill most of his electoral promises in a short while.

“Among the promises is clearing of backlog of half salaries arrears, payment of gratitude arrears, infrastructural development, health sector development, making schools affordable and well equipped, and agricultural development and Incentives for farmers. We feel so blessed to witness this period in my darling state.

“Every sector has been touched within 100 days in office. This is a pleasant surprise because many don’t believe it can be done. Mr. Governor, how did you get to do all this within three months”, the group’s representative asked in a statement.

“Recently, on 18th of February 2023, we read in the Guardian newspaper that “Adeleke approves farm inputs subsidy for farmers”. We were so thrilled and happy because this is our area of concern which needs an emergency approach.

“Most farming inputs are now on the high side. This high inflation rate keeps many farmers out of business because of the increase in cost of production with huge effect on prices of commodities.

“There’s this saying that an hungry man is an angry man. Mr Governor, If agriculture had been looked into in the past like you are doing now, we won’t have loads of unemployed youths in our dear state. Most previous governments didn’t look into this sector except for the time of Governor Oyinlola.

“My amiable Governor, on behalf of other corporate farmers and my humble self, we appreciate this priceless gesture because it will be a huge relief and encourage more farmers to get back to work. Through this we will have sufficient food, reduce unemployment and crash the price of commodities”, the statement noted.

The group called on the State Governor to ensure proper monitoring of the implementation process so as to ensure that the subsidized inputs get to farmers.

” We called on Mr Governor to ensure the involvement of Osadep in the implementation process. That agency has the primary mandate for farm inputs management. It also has extension workers who can trace and relate with farmers across the state”, the statement concluded.

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