Google celebrates Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day

The world search giant, Google is celebrating Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day with a doodle on its page.
The doodle features Nigeria’s flag waving against a bright blue sky.

Commemorating the occasion, Google wrote, “Today’s Doodle celebrates Nigeria’s Independence Day! On this day in 1960, the most populous country in Africa officially became a sovereign nation.

“Independence Day morning starts with a nationally televised broadcast where the President of Nigeria addresses the general public. In Lagos, a green-and-white crowd gathers to watch the Nigerian Armed Forces perform military maneuvers. Later, many join in on the ceremonial raising of the Nigerian flag, and the cutting of an Independence Day cake.

“The rest of the day is filled with bustling energy and upbeat fuji music as Nigerians hang out with friends and family. Plantains and chicken served with jollof rice isn’t just a popular meal — it’s a staple of Independence Day and Nigerian culture. Many take celebrations to the beach to dance and enjoy fireworks.

“Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!”

The Google doodle is used to mark special events and individuals around the world.

It has been used to celebrate several historical figures and events around the world.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Nigeria’s 63 Independence, President Bola Tinubu in his live broadcast on Sunday promised to rebuild a Nigeria where hunger, poverty and hardship are pushed into the shadows of an ever fading past.

He advised that the reform may be painful, noting that it is what greatness and the future require.

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