Poor Ratings of Minister Oyetola: Osun People are Vindicated – Osun PDP

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been advised to safe the immediate past governor of Osun state, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola from unrelenting national embarrassment by relieving him as Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, labelling him a wasted nominee and a very bad signpost for the president’s administration.

Mr Gboyega Oyetola has been a subject of consistent poor ratings amongst the Ministers working with president Tinubu thereby attracting anger of the citizenry against the judgement of Mr President to appoint him despite his bad record while in office as the Governor of Osun state.

The PDP in a statement made available by the media office of the party and signed by chairman, Hon. Sunday Bisi described the seeming verdict of incompetence hammered on Mr Oyetola as a succinct vindication of electorates in Osun, who overwhelmingly rejected him at the last governorship election in the state.

“The poor ratings of Mr Oyetola as a Minister from Nigerians comes at no surprise to us as a party and Osun people in general. During his tenure as Osun Governor, he displayed his lack of leadership acumen much to the disdain of Osun people. His penchant for shying away from responsibility is legendary.”

Oyetola streams of disgrace got to a head when he was named as principal among the five worst Ministers with no record of performance since assumption of office after blackmailing other Apc leaders to claim the ministerial slot.

The commentaries and assessment of Minister Oyetola’s performance is reminiscent of his better forgotten and uninspiring performance as the Governor of Osun. He has successfully exported his lack of administrative prowess to the entire country. The public outcry calling on President Tinubu to expunge him out of the federal cabinet, barely eight months in office, has vindicated the people of Osun state who voted him out of office.

Hon. Bisi who apologized to Nigerians on behalf of the people of Osun state stated that Mr Oyetola’s poor representation of the state at the National level is an exception rather than the norms as Osun state can boast of eminent achievers who have represented the state as Ministers in different capacity in the past.

“It is sad that Mr Oyetola is disgracing himself at the National level with his abysmal performance as a Minister of the federal republic, his cluelessness is fast becoming an identity. Osun is known for sending out the best performers until Mr Oyetola fought tooth and nail to hijack the Ministerial slot reserved for the state. Check the list of past Ministers from Osun, Oyetola is just a sorry exception from the list of those wonderful performers”.

“What is more worrysome is that Nigerians predicted this outcome, stressing that his inclusion in the cabinet is more about his personal relationship to the President than his credential as a public officer. He has shown to his most optimistic supporters that he is not only clueless about the knowledge of the Ministry he is meant to lead, he also lack the required administrative capacity or the mental stamina to direct the affairs of the Ministry.”

Hon Sunday Bisi
Osun State PDP

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