Seven simple pranks for April Fool’s Day

We’ve all either be victims of perpetrators of April Fool’s Day pranks.

Today’s another April Fool’s Day and there’s still time to be mischievous without harm.

Here are seven ways you can still make it fun before it’s all gone until another 365 days:

Auto-correct prank

Change the settings on your friend’s phone to auto-correct certain words or phrases to something silly or nonsensical.

For example, you could change “hello” to “banana” or “how are you?” to “Do you like cheese?”

Wrong number” prank

Pretend to be someone else and text your friend as if they’ve got the wrong number.

Have some fun with the conversation, maybe even give them a hard time for texting the wrong number.

Emoji prank

Send a message to your friend with a string of random or nonsensical emojis.

See if they can decipher the message, or watch them struggle to figure out what you’re trying to say.

Spelling mistake prank

Pretend that you’re struggling with spelling and grammar by purposefully making mistakes in your text messages.

See if your friend notices and corrects you or if they just get confused.

Send them a fake screenshot

Create a fake screenshot of a message exchange that never happened but make it look real.

Send it to your friend and see if they believe it.

Typo prank

Swap out certain letters in words with other letters that are nearby on the keyboard.

This can create some funny and confusing messages, like “Hlelo, waht’s up?”

Autocorrect disaster

Send your friend a message with a sentence that is completely mangled by auto-correct.

For example, “I’m going to the barber shop to get my penguin trimmed.”

See how they react to the nonsense message.

For “jara”, send HIM/HER a message that someone gave you $2,000 for HER/HIM but that the money somehow disappeared.

See you next 365th day. (Hindustan Times)

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