Stop Sabotaging Gov. Adeleke’s Gov’t, Osun Leadership Forum warns Osun Masterminds of APC

The Osun Leadership forum has issued warning to Osun Masterminds group in the state, stating that the group should stop sabotaging Governor Adeleke’s government.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday and made available to Sahel, Osun leadership forum frowns with displeasure against Osun Masterminds for sabotaging the efforts of Adeleke on the multi- billion infra plan projects, he recently unveiled.

Read the full statement:



Our attention has just been drawn to a non- prominent group, named Osun Masterminds seeking unnecessary attention from the good people of Osun State. Owing to an inconsequential petition wrote against Governor Adeleke in his perspirative efforts to heal the wound caused by APC government to the of people of Osun State in terms of provision of infrastructure and amenities.

Osun Leadership Forum wrinkles forehead with eyebrows showing displeasure against Osun Masterminds for sabotaging the perspirative efforts of Governor Ademola Adeleke on the multi- billion infra plan projects.

The petition wrote by Osun Masterminds is inconsequential because the good work of Governor Ademola Adeleke is unstoppable. The petition can only increase the magnitude of the rejection that the people of Osun State is having for their poor performance of APC in the last twelve years.

Osun Masterminds is a group under Osun State All Progressive Congress, a party that has been totally rejected in the state for the injuries and wounds the have subjected the people of Osun State to, during their administration. Lest we forget, that APC administration was a hell, they paid half salaries, imposed heavy tax and bandoned many important projects and all that. Their poor system of governance led to their total forbiddance and lost of Governorship and presidential election by the people of Osun state.

Since Governor Ademola Adeleke came to power, there has never been an excuse for payment of half salaries, delay of salaries and many abandoned projects are considered done which seems like exposing APC lapses. On this note, Osun Leadership Forum warns the APC group called Osun Masterminds to desist from sabotaging the good work of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

However, Osun Leadership Forum wants the good people of the state to understand that all efforts of Osun Masterminds against the good government governor Ademola Adeleke is just a bag of wind and an idea that will never fly. Therefore, Osun Masterminds is seriously advised to totally disengage from their intentions to work against the government of Governor Ademola Adeleke. And if truly they are Masterminds, they should either use their ideas to support the government of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Signed: Hon. Sola Makanjuola (Chairman)

Com. Oluwasanmi A. Olabisi (P.R.O/Spokesperson)

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