Cholera outbreak cases Kogi, Kogi kidnappers

Two cases of cholera outbreak have been identified in Lokoja and Omala local government areas of Kogi state.

The Honourable Commissioner of Health, Dr Abdulazeez Adeiza, who disclosed this, said one case has already been discharged, while the other person is currently undergoing treatment, with no fatalities recorded.

He said that Kogi State has been fortunate to have minimal impact from the current cholera outbreak, with two confirmed cases identified in Lokoja and Omala LGAs.

According to him, the Kogi State Government has taken decisive actions in response to the recent cholera outbreak by unveiling comprehensive infection prevention tools and reaffirming its dedication to ensuring a cholera-free environment.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Health has implemented stringent surveillance protocols, provided extensive training to healthcare professionals, and conducted widespread awareness campaigns to combat the spread of the disease.

The commissioner emphasized the state’s readiness, stating, “We have equipped our healthcare workers with the necessary training and resources to ensure a swift and effective response to any potential outbreak.”

Furthermore, the commissioner stressed the importance of community involvement, noting that the government is collaborating closely with community leaders, religious figures, and traditional rulers to educate the public on preventive measures against cholera.

“Citizens are encouraged to uphold good hygiene practices, such as regular handwashing and consumption of clean water,” he said.

In addition, he disclosed that a dedicated cholera response team has been constituted, comprising healthcare workers, surveillance officers, and laboratory technicians.

This team, according to him, is tasked with investigating reported cases, collecting samples, and administering appropriate treatment.


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