OSUN: ‘Ignore Fake News From Political Blackmailers, I have No Criminal Records’, says Hon. Egbedun

● Direct his lawyer s to sue groups, individuals peddling defamatory articles

● Petition security agencies to arrest fake news merchants

Osun House of Assembly Member-elect for Odo Otin State Constituency, Hon. Adewale Egbedun has disclosed that he has no criminal records and people of the state should disregard such news.

This was confirmed in a press statement issued and signed by him on Friday.

The statement partly reads : “My attention has been drawn to a defamatory and seditious publication currently circulating in the social media about my person, my business life and my political career. While a lot of lies have been peddled about by political opponents in the recent past, this current one has crossed the red line.

“I am therefore constrained to strongly debunk and deny the photoshopped allegations and documentations purportedly relating to me and my past business activities. A forensic review of the documents being circulated show clearly the supper-imposition, the wrong dates and the false content. I assert that the documents are mere fabrications which never exist and which are concorted as a weapon of blackmail by political hackers terrified by the grace and mercy of God in my political career.

He, however, disclosed that he has never been arrested or convicted by any law enforcement.

“I declare that never in my past had I ever gotten arrested or interrogated or convicted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency anywhere in the world. My business life now and in the past is legally compliant, devoid of criminality and in conformity with all legal regulations of countries where I have had legal dealings.

He continued by stating that the fake news is therefore the failed bid of frustrated political fraudsters who smell failure and who assume character assassination can rescue their sinking political boats.

“I have consequently instructed my lawyers to sue the faceless group and their operatives even as security agencies have been petitioned to arrest authors of the defamatory publications and anybody found to be sharing or disseminating such fake news.

“It is also germane for me to clarify that the Executive Governor of Osun State , Senator Ademola Adeleke is a leader of all who is busy with State governance and delivery of the Imole agenda. It is unfair and uncharitable to drag His Excellency to a legislative leadership matter which is an issue for the legislators-elect to decide.

“Democracy is a game of numbers. What is expected of players is to seek support of colleagues instead of embarking on impotent blackmail and emotional harassment. I apologize to His Excellency for the lack of maturity of some players who constituted themselves into a nuisance and a premature threat to the new era Osun people are currently enjoying.

In the statement, he also assured leaders and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state that his records are clean and his antecedents are enviable. “I am just a victim and a target of attacks by those incapable of accepting the will of God, the divine who enthrones and dethrones leaders.

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