Man queries LAUTECH Teaching Hospital over daughter’s genotype

A Nigerian man, Adedeji Moses Tobi, has questioned the authorities of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, now UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital, over his daughter’s SS genotype.

Tobi in a video shared on Twitter Monday, recounted how he and his wife discovered that their daughter, born in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in November 2018, carries a different gene to theirs.

The father of three, a Sickle Cell-hemoglobin C (SC genotype carrier) explained that his child’s ill health since birth led him and his wife to seek medical solution. Their search for answers led them to discover that their five-year-old daughter has the sickle cell gene, a scientifically impossible situation.

Tobi, in the three-minute clip, explained how impossible this discovery is as for a person to be born with the SS genotype, both parents must carry the S gene for it to be passed on to a child, and in this case, only Tobi has the S gene.

Tobi further said that after several tests, the results came back the same: Mum- AA, Dad- SC, and Daughter-SS.

In his words: “I gave birth to my daughter on November 15, 2018, in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital but, when we gave birth to her, she had jaundice and was unable to talk at birth. We remained in the hospital for about a month before we were discharged.

“In 2021, I did her genotype result, I noticed she is SS but it’s not supposed to be because I am SC and my wife is AA and we’ve done my wife’s genotype so many times.

“So when I noticed this, I repeated the tests and, we got the same results. So I went to Sickle Cell Foundation in Lagos where they again repeated the tests and, the results still showed my genotype to be SC and my daughter’s SS. So my question is, where is the SS coming from? I agree the S is from me, but the second S, where is this coming from?’.

Credit: Twitter | Man Of Letters

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