ORF seek President Tinubu’s Intervention over Akeredolu’s continued Absence

The leadership and members of the Ondo Redemption Front (ORF) has called on President Bola Tinubu to use his office to ascertain the true state of health of Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu as same has been shrouded in secrecy over the months.

ORF urged the President Tinubu, as the leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), which Akeredolu is a member of, to tell the Governor to resume office if he is fit as acclaimed and provide the needed leadership for the people of the state or resign and take time to attend to his health.

This was contained in an Open letter sent to the President, by the group, jointly signed by the group Chairman, Ayodeji Ologun and Secretary, Olufemi Lawson. The group cautioned, that the absence of Governance in Ondo State, can move the state into anarchy and commatose and that those acting illegally in the position of the ailing Governor, should discontinue their shenanigans without further delay.

The statement reads in part; “Dear Mr. President, please accept our heartiest congratulations on your recent victory at the Supreme Court, and best wishes for your success as you take up the responsibility of ruling the largest black nation in the world.

“Today there is a feather in your cap and at the moment you could see that a lot of persons, including those, who didn’t believe in you want to be your ally just like bees are attracted to sweat; that’s the law of nature.

“Your Excellency, we, as the leadership and members of the Ondo Redemption Front (ORF) are writing to you with a deep sense of passion, pure patriotism and good intent for Nigeria and particularly, Ondo State. As the days go by, we draw closer to the end of the administration of our Gov, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu and as much as the people of the state appreciate his service to the state and the nation and love him, the current status of Ondo state politics, is worrisome and deserve attention.

“Mr. President, you have shown great leadership by not just steering the ship but also charting the course. Now, it is imperative that you Statemanship and not leave Ondo State in the hands of those who wants to devour her.

“In the last few months, as you may be aware, Ondo state has been on a sort of auto pilot without clear leadership, a situation that some political jobbers have taken advantage of and running the state into ruins.

“You will recall that the Governor has been ill and away for medical treatment and accordingly to the provision of the law, he handed power to his deputy in acting capacity. The period of his absence saw the state stalled as the acting Governor though in nomenclature was prevented from performing the duties of his supposed office by those who held the state by the jugular and often bring unverifiable information from the sick governor and claiming same to be the words of the Governor which the acting Governor didn’t want to flout for loyalty sake.

“This same set of people ensured that the relationship between the ailing governor Akeredolu and his deputy, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, became so sour that trust was broken between the two.

“At some point, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu was practically smuggled into the country from his medical holiday, in Germany and was kept in Ibadan where he purportedly was running the affairs of the state and claimed to have resumed work. Weeks on and on, Governor Akeredolu was not seen in any part of Ondo State nor seen performing the functions of the office of the governor including representation at Federal events and matters , a situation that made the state to rise to questioning about how we can have a non functional Governor, an handicapped Deputy, a non functional Cabinet and even administration at the local government stalled by the absence of local government heads.

“Your Excellency, for Four months and still counting, ths state executive council in Ondo State, has not been conveyed, the state has lacked representation in federal matters including economic council meetings, Police Council meeting and such statutory meetings where the fate of the nation is decided. Ondo state has not had a voice or contribution to national matters in months and still counting. This is to the disadvantage of the people of the state and it can no longer be tolerated.

“Sir, the people of Ondo State love Governor Rotimi Akeredolu but such love can not be continuously abused by holding the state down at a time that the state needs quality leadership to pull her out of the present quacmire and set her and her people on the path of plenty, surplus and confortable living. The state at this time needs leadership more than ever before.

“In the past weeks, we have seen subtle declarations of interest in the Governorship of the state from politicians across the board. This overwhelming interest we believe is the remote cause of instability in the state. It is worrisome that for an election still long over a year to come can deber the state from progress. This is not what democracy and good governance is about and we demand your intervention as the father of the nation and a true democrat.

“There is no gainsaying that Nigeria’s survival and sustainability somehow depend on Ondo state as one of her major components.

“Our prayers: Sir, we call on you to use your good office to ascertain the true state of health of Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu as same has been shrouded in secrecy over the months.

“As the Leader of the Governing APC, that you ask Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu to resume office if he is fit as acclaimed and provide the needed leadership for the people of the state and if otherwise, he should resign and take time to attend to his health and not be held into ransom by his family and friends who wants to retain power through him.

“To ask the house of assembly of the state not to move the state into anarchy and commatose by discontinuing their shenanigans about the impeachment of the state Deputy Governor, a move that has divided the house and her membership over the last few weeks.

“To rally the politicians of the APC extraction in the state and call them to order not to further polarise the system but unite them for common purpose in the interest of the state as the leader of the party and the nation.

“Your Excellency, we believe in your ability and capacity to do the right thing as a true democrat and save Ondo State from total collapse,” the statement added.

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