So loja Lyrics: Aregbebsola/Oyetola,Osun APC Crisis deepens as Aregbebsola Set to Hit-Up Polity in 2024.

By Alalade B. Felix

In the political landscape of Osun State, the dynamic between former Governor Rauf Aregbesola and the his successor Governor Adegboyega Gboyega Oyetola within the All Progressives Congress (APC) has become a focal point, setting the stage for a potential power struggle in the upcoming 2024 as the struggle to rescue the soul of Osun APC begins.

Aregbesola, with his influential realm as the former governor, is poised to make a significant impact on the political scene. His return to the forefront has sparked anticipation and stirred the existing factions within the Osun APC. Aregbesola’s political acumen and strong following present a formidable force that could potentially challenge Oyetola’s grip of the Osun APC.

The crux of the matter lies in the differences between Aregbesola’s approach during his governance and Oyetola’s abuse of power and reckless leadership style. Aregbesola’s supporters argue that his administration laid the foundation for developmental projects, infrastructure, and social interventions, positioning Osun State on a trajectory of progress. They view Oyetola’s governance with skepticism, perceiving a departure from the bold initiatives of Aregbesola’s era.

The ideological and policy disparities between the two factions further intensify the brewing conflict. Aregbesola’s group emphasizes a continuation of his legacy, advocating for a return to the policies and programs that they believe brought prosperity to Osun. On the other hand, Oyetola’s faction seeks to establish its identity, distancing itself from certain aspects of Aregbesola’s administration and promoting a different vision for the state’s future which was however perceived as a fantasy.

As the 2024 struggle to rescue the soul of the Osun APC dying party is set to begin, the internal strife within the Osun APC is reaching a crescendo. Aregbesola’s impending return to active politics in the State injects a potent mix of nostalgia and anticipation, mobilizing his loyalists to rally behind him. The prospect of Aregbesola challenging Oyetola for the party’s ticket ahead of 2026 adds a layer of suspense, making it a contest that will shape the future trajectory of the dying APC in Osun State.

In conclusion, the clash between Aregbesola’s group and Oyetola’s faction within the Osun APC sets the stage for a high-stakes political drama. The echoes of past governance, coupled with the quest for a distinct political identity, create a volatile atmosphere as the party navigates the complexities of internal dynamics. The 2024 struggle to rescue the dying APC in Osun State promise to be a defining moment, where the tussle for supremacy within the APC will ultimately shape the trajectory of the state’s political landscape.

Many Political actors/gladiators have resolute that no one within Osun State and diaspora will defeat the incumbent Governor Ademola Adeleke of PDP based on his unprecedented Hallmark achievements within the short period of one Year of his first tenure. Many have gesticulated that Aregbebsola will join force with PDP to ensure that Osun major opposition party doesn’t not stand a chance to participate in the future gubernitorial Election.

It’s a time to enjoy the season-2 of the power game between the Osun APC gladiators.

Alalade B. Felix write from Ilesa West, Osun State. 2nd January, 2024.

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