Speakership Hopeful; Honourable Adewale Egbedun extol the judiciary

••• Harps on loyalty among Osun PDP members.

A foremost contender in the race for speakership of the Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Adewale Egbedun who enjoys the mandate of the electorates to represent the good people of Odo Otin State Constituency of Osun State and as well as the overwhelming confidence of his colleague members elect to lead the House when it is eventually inaugurated in June by the grace of God have extolled the judiciary for the landmark resolution of the issues surrounding the holding or conduct of the remainder of the PDP congresses, especially with the commendable nod of the judiciary authorizing the conclusion of the processes leading to the hosting of the final state congress to elect party Chairman and other officials that will run party affairs for this dispensation.

In a statement personally endorsed by him, the Speakership Hopeful stated that the judiciary has again deservedly acted in the interest of democracy, affirming that the law was rightly applied with the dismissal of all landmines artificially concocted to frustrate democracy within the Osun PDP. In his words, he revealed that, “the law is very clear, a lot of authorities of the supreme court being the apex arbiter in Nigeria have resolved the fundamental question in the past to the effect that the running of party affairs is the internal and independent business of the party in which the court can not meddle, the judiciary is therefore commended for its courage to stand by the principle that validates the sanctity of democracy, the release added.

The Incoming Speaker has also welcomed the decision of the party to conclude the process of electing party executives today, stating that a new dawn is in the offing as the process which was initiated has to run its full course. He expressed optimism that the incoming leadership under Honourable Sunday Bisi will unarguably display candour and pragmatism in leadership, with the sole agenda for everybody including the legislature and the party to remain on a common front in helping to drive the development vision of His Excellency Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke for the overall good of the Osun State people in line with the party’s blueprint and the vision of the founding fathers.

He therefore welcomes all delegates to the venue of the state congress and and charges the security to be diligent in maintaining the peace before, during, and after the congress today. Honourable Adewale Egbedun believes that the judgement has again placed before the laps of every genuine members of PDP to come together and remain one indivisible and loyal entity.

Conclusively, the Incoming Speaker prays God to grant all the participating delegates safe journey to and from the venue today.

Honourable Adewale Egbedun.
Odo Otin State Constituency and Speakership Hopeful for the imminent 8th Assembly of the Osun State Parliament.

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