World Disability Day: Hon. Bamidele Salam Empowers JONAPWD members with Cash Grant, Foods, others

As December 3rd marks the annual United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Honourable Bamidele Salam, representing Ede North, Ede south, Egbedore and Ejigbo federal constituency empowered Joint Association of Persons Living With Disability (JONAPWD) in his constituency, with cash grants, food items, grinding machine, sewing machines and driers.

During the program at Bamidele Salam Hall in Awo local government on Sunday, Hon Bamidele Salam who was represented by his wife, Oluwaseyi Salam noted that World Disability Day is always celebrated on December 3rd of every year just as declared by the United Nation and it is an important program to Hon. Bamidele Salam.

“It is something he does every year, his spirit is here with us,he would have loved to be among them today because he loves to stay, dine and dance with them. And that is one thing the whole world is supposed to be doing, nobody is different.

While speaking on major reasons behind the program, he reiterated that; “just as we have Children day, so we have celebrate these ones too and to let them know they’re special in the society, they’re not different we’re all one and God created everyone of us as one.

“So because someone has disability does not mean you should isolate the person in the society and say he/she isn’t part of us, so the core reason behind our initiative program is to make them feel special.

She continued by recounting how excited the beneficiaries looked after receiving their machines and food items.

She said “You can see them praying, they feel special and important. It is something they appreciate because Hon Bamidele Salam does it every year and not only annually,but anytime he has the opportunity, he always visit them.

“Part of what he will do is to announce eight of them, two per local government that will be serving as special assistant from January 2024” she stated.

“The only thing we need from this constituency especially these people is to continue to pray for him, you will find out that he will do more, compared to what he did this year and I’m sure there will be more beneficiaries to enjoy the distribution program by next year”

In an interview with Sahel Standard, Dr Buhari Abiodun who is the appointed coordinator of the program stressed that his principal is a lover of people with ability, because they also have some potential.

“I don’t want to call them disabilities so as to make them happy, as we empower them. Rep Bamidele Salam empowers people in his constituency annually, he has paid so many peoples school fee, and they graduated.

Dr Buhari, however emphasized that the empowerment distribution program will definitely be of help to the beneficiaries, because most of them have skills but they lack machine and equipment that could help the to be self sustainable and that would stop going to street to beg.

“On behalf of JonaPwd, We appreciate state government for providing enabling platform for everyone of us to be able to bring back to the society. May God continue to strengthen him.

One of the beneficiaries who spoke with Sahel Standard, Mrs Akindele Nusirat appreciated the organizers for granting her sewing machine. “I will use the sewing machine, though I cannot walk but my legs can work on sewing machine, my advise to my fellow JonaPwd is not to sell their machines,they should make good use of it.

Mrs Fatai from Ede South in her own wirds, who is also among the beneficiaries, prayed earnestly for Hon. Bamidele Salam for the love for JONAPWD.

“He will prosper and he will become Osun state governor one day by God’s grace” she prayed.

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