Osun Govt Assures Portable Water Supply Amid Water Challenges

The Osun state government has assured citizens of the state of its efforts and readiness in ensuring adequate provision of portable water supply in the administration of the state being led by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The government gave the assurances when the commissioner for Water Resources, Hon Sunday Oroniyi, appeared on an OSBC Radio News and Current Affairs programme on thursday.

The Commissioner who stressed the importance of water to human living said provision of portable water is one of the five points agenda of Governor Ademola Adeleke administration which he said the government is already committed to, in ensuring there are adequate water supply in the nooks and corners of the state.

He said aside from the provision of portable water for the daily living for the people of the state, he stated the government is also fashioning out ways for adequate water supply for farmers in the area of irrigation in a bid to boost food production in the state

” Provision of Portable Water is an area of genuine concern for the government of Governor Ademola Adeleke. We’re outlining several mechanisms to achieve our targeted goals. One of the ways we have started tackling this issue is to exhume old pipes laid several years back and replaced it with new ones or laid a new pipe beside the same route where the previous facilities were laid or either way, find another best route that conforms with the urban renewal plan of present time in laying the water pipes across the state and we’re doing all these in conjunction with our technical partners”, the commissioner stated on air.

” There are some water pipes and facilities that had been laid and being in use for the past 58yrs, 70yrs with no replacement for them which have made them rustic and not effective for water supply and these are some of the facilities we’re planning to replace, while taking into cognizance the newly approved World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and standards in replacing those facilities for better efficiency”, he noted.

” We have four major branches within the Ministry of Water Resources. The first is RUWESA, the second is STOWASSA, the third is Water Corporation, and the fourth is the Regulatory Commission. So all these major components of the ministry are those we’re working together to ensure quality deliverables on the mandate of Governor Ademola Adeleke on provision of portable water supply to the rural, community and urban areas of the state in its entirety.”

The Commissioner for Water Resources also stated that the government is also looking at ways on how to use water to generate electricity for the state aside from its core mandate of provision of portable water supply for the citizens and residents of the state.

Hon Sunday Oroniyi further said all factors mitigating against provision of adequate water supply are already being identified as he and his team are already embarking on fact-finding mission in which their report and field analysis will be helpful in improving on the already laid out plan for the provision of adequate water supply in the state.

Different callers and listener’s of the programme across the state applaud the commissioner for his brilliant presentation of the government effort to cushion the effect of lack of adequate water supply in the state and assure the Imole administration of their support in anyway the government is proferring solutions to the identified problems.

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