President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The sun around whom everything, everyone revolves

Isn’t it amazing that the light of our President-elect is shining all over the planet today and his glory resonates throughout the world?

By the power of God and against all odds he did the impossible by taking on, not just a very taxing, aggressive, strong and effective opposition, but also the Nigerian Deep State and emerged unscathed and victorious.

Today, like Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King’ and greatest of all the French monarchs, he is the “sun around whom everything and everyone revolves” and it gives me immense joy and pride to say so.

Today, just as the planets revolve around the sun, mortals revolve around him and his star shines brightly.

It is undoubtedly his moment and he has certainly worked hard for it and earned it.

Most importantly God has granted him His grace and mercy, clothed him with favour, honored him with power and given him the crown.

This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in our sight.

Despite all he has been put through during, before and after the election and all the malicious lies that have been told about him, he has come out of it with a kind, forgiving, charitable and compassionate heart.

He is not only magnanimous in victory but he has also reached out to even his most virulent critics, detractors and enemies by publicly urging and appealing to them to join hands with him to move the nation forward.

This is the stuff of which real leaders and great men are made.

It takes courage, strength, honor and fortitude to be forgiving and to seek to tread the path of love, unity and peace.

After May 29th he will be the President of ALL Nigerians, both friend a foe, and what a great, wise and mighty leader he will be.

A new chapter will be open in the book of our nation and a refreshing and productive era will begin.

Like the Biblical King Cyprus, Bola Tinubu will build the broken walls of our country and establish a new and strong foundation of peace, love, unity, prosperity, honor and glory.

It will be the first time in our history that a true progressive and reformer with a clear and in-depth understanding of what needs to be done will hold and control the levers of power in our nation and, after a few months, I have no doubt that the difference will be clear and he will make an extraordinary impact.

What I have learnt from his example is never to give up or to be deterred no matter what stands in your way and no matter how deep the conspiracy to undermine you and shatter your aspirations and dreams may be.

When the story about the obstacles that were put in his way, even by those close to him, is told it will shock and amaze many.

Yet that story is for another day and perhaps may never be shared until after he has completed his 8 years in office.

For now it is suffice to say that we followed this great leader and warrior into battle blindly and came out victorious and unscathed.

He led us with courage and strength and never faltered even in the darkest hour.

At every turn and point his faith in himself, his team, his God and the Nigerian people kept us going and inspired us.

What a great man this is and what a great difference he will make to the fortunes of our nation and people.

Thanks be to God.

Glory to Nigeria!


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