Supreme Court: Osun APC is Hallucinating under Depression – Osun PDP

● Says ” We have Strong Faith in the Judiciary”

Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has attributed recent lies and falsehood spewing from the state APC as a consequence of extreme hallucinations arising from advanced stage of depression within the APC leadership.

In his first press statement as a brand new substantive State chairman of the PDP, Hon Sunday Bisi recalled recent multiple twisting of facts by the state APC and called on the opposition party to, for once, act responsibly and honestly by stopping its chronic deceitful ways which accounted for its defeat in recent several elections in Osun state.

” It is laughable for anybody to accuse PDP of planning to mobilise thugs to the Supreme Court. Do these people know where the Supreme Court is located at all? Even if you want to lie, why won’t you be smart enough?

“The other time the APC alleged killings of its members. But in reality and as documented, many PDP members were in fact, the victims of deadly attacks by the APC sponsored political thugs. On a daily basis, the APC went on air to distort the reality of great dividends of democracy our people are enjoying.

“Unknown to the opposition,our people are smarter as they never believe the fake news arising from sore election losers. Osun people are happy with Governor Ademola Adeleke and the PDP. Locally and internationally, Governor Adeleke is well loved by the people.

“Politically, the Governor has led PDP to massive victory in all recent state and federal elections. So apart from winning the governorship poll massively on July 16, 2022, the PDP has won overwhelmingly. So we have nothing to be afraid of at the Supreme Court. The Lord justices know the facts and figures of the Osun case.

“As per governance, the PDP government is delivering well on our electoral promises. A drive around Osun convinces even the worst of critics that Governor Adeleke is responding to wishes and aspirations of Osun people. A performing Governor and party is not having sleepless nights over the case at the Apex court because the law and the people are on our side.

“On the other side is the state APC that failed in all recent elections and is still hallucinating about subverting the will of the people. Dazed and paralyzed by Governor Adeleke’s impressive records, the state APC is in deep depression and is busy manufacturing falsehood which originally accounted for its rejection by the people.

” The PDP affirms its faith in the integrity of the apex Court. We have an unshaken belief that the Lord justices will reaffirm the fool proof judgement of the Court of Appeal. Osun people, Governor Adeleke and the PDP will laugh last and give all praises to our God of justice”, the statement concluded.

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