‘It was my first UTME’ — 2023 JAMB highest scorer, Kamsiyochukwu reveals ‘strategy’

The management of Deeper Life High School celebrated their students yesterday for achieving impressive scores above 300 in the recently concluded 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Miss Umeh Kamsiyochukwu Nkechinyere emerged as the top scorer with an outstanding mark of 360, making her the highest achiever in the 2023 UTME.

Miss Umeh Kamsiyochukwu, who is 16 years old, also shared her strategy for achieving such remarkable results with journalists.

She said, “When I got home, I mainly focused on revising past questions using the series that I had. My parents were very supportive and encouraged me to study.

They always emphasized the importance of reading.

“It was my first UTME, and I am also awaiting my West African Examinations Council (WAEC) results as I also took that exam this year. I have applied to the University of Lagos, and I aspire to study Chemical Engineering.

“I never aimed to be the highest scorer; everyone wants to be the best. I feel very excited and grateful to all my supporters and encouragers.”

Mrs. Umeh, Kamsiyochukwu’s mother, also shared her thoughts on her daughter’s success.

She highlighted Kamsiyochukwu’s consistent excellence, dating back to her primary school days at the University of Lagos Women Society College Nursery and Primary School. Mrs. Umeh said, “The school provided an excellent foundation for her. In fact, at one point, I decided that all my children should attend that school because of the solid foundation it offers.

“When she is studying, I also make sure to involve her in household chores. I believe that a child’s success should be holistic, not just limited to academics. I tell her that she must know how to cook, how to handle various tasks. A woman should be capable in all areas, not just academics. I disturb them a lot at home, ensuring they acquire diverse skills. She desires to leave home when she goes to the university because she knows her mother will ensure her well-rounded development. I believe they should be involved in all aspects of life, whether it’s in church or at home. They should know the word of God and take care of their siblings. As the oldest, she must be responsible for them.

“Her passion has always been reading. She has been fond of reading novels since primary school. I recall her primary 2 teacher inviting me once because she was reading in class while the teacher was teaching.
Even at a young age, she loved reading novels. Even at home, when she has her phone, it may seem like she’s doing something else, but she’s actually reading novels. She may not chat much with her friends, but she immerses herself in literature. At one point, she wanted to pursue arts, influenced by her love for literature”.


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