‘It’s not right,’ Alibaba ‘kicks against’ Bobrisky arrest

Nigeria’s ace comedian, Alibaba, in a post that smacks of sarcasm, has weighed in on the arrest of Bobrisky by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Bobrisky, a self-proclaimed transgender and crossdresser, was arrested in Lagos on Wednesday night for allegedly mishandling naira notes.

According to reports, Bobrisky was apprehended for allegedly spraying and damaging the currency notes at an event.

In response, Alibaba took to his Instagram page and shared a picture showing men spraying and stepping on currency notes at a party.

The 58-year-old comedian, in sarcasm, questioned whether the EFCC failed to take action against these men because of their gender.

He also questioned the justification behind Bobrisky’s arrest, stating that it is unfair.

Alibaba implied that the EFCC disproportionately targets women, suggesting that the treatment of women in Nigeria is unjust.

He wrote, “And Bobrisky was arrested for what again? Because they are men? This is not right. The other time a celebrity lady was sentenced for the same thing,” he wrote.

“Now, EFCC has arrested another lady for the same thing that men get away with. The way we treat women in this country is not good. Mennnnn, I just taya,” Alibaba wrote.

Celebrities, fans react to Alibaba’s sarcasm
@elielotote wrote: Are you sure efcc is not confused on the gender of the arrestee? 😂
@queenmoroti;😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I will laugh, I will not comment. So far they have arrested 2 and a half women

@mc_gbemidebe1: Simple SAKArayaa. They didn’t get the message 🤣🤣😂 @alibabagcfr special greetings sir

@bossmandagodmc: Bro which other lady are you referring to? Hope you are not talking about brotherhood

@kevinblak_comedy: King of Comedy🙌❤ I Dey learn work from you sir!!! …… how can they maltreat women and leave men??? This is so unfair 😂

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