OPINION: Commissioner of Police Is Expected To Take Instructions From Governor by Law

By Chief MK Omolade Esq

Executive Governor of a State is a Chief security Officer of his or her State while the Commissioner of Police of a state is the security Officer of that state who is expected by Law to take instructions From the Governor of that state as the chief security officer of that State

By the provisions of section 214 of the Nigeria 1999 constitution as amended the power of Establishment, appointment, promotion, and posting rest on the inspector General of Police In the nature or characteristics of federalism or federal system of government that our country Nigeria operate the governmental roles of the government in all levels that’s the federal government level,the State government level and the local government level are divided into three the exclusive legislative duties,the concurrent duties and residual duties.

Exclusive legislative duties are only performed by only the federal government examples are security,currency, minings etc, the concurrent legislative duties are performed by both the Federal government and the State government concurrently examples are roads,education,health etc.

The residual legislative duties are performed by the State government and the local government because local government is yeti to have autonomy or independence examples are street naming, marketing,burial ground, motor parts etc.

From the above analysis the issue of security is under exclusive legislative duties which is purely in the federal government functions.

In conclusion by Law a sitting Governor has immunity by the provisions of section 308 and that immunity prevents anybody from charging him to Court for both Civil and criminal wrongs throughout his or her tenure in the office so a sitting Governor is a moving train who a reasonable person will not what to confront therefore let’s learn to cover our pride , thread softly and respect constituted authority.

Chief,M,K Omolade Esq
Baamofin of Sekona
Writes from Ede

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