Opposition Is Not Known To Law As An Exempted Nest Of Criminality, Osun PDP Tutors APC

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has advised the opposition All Progressives Congress to purge itself of archaic mentality and come to terms with inalienable realities of the law, put in place to regulate citizens conduct, differenting civilized society from jungle kingdom of animals.

Again, PDP emphasises that Osun State is a federating unit of Nigeria where Cyberstalking and cyberbullying have been made serious offenses. The Apc should also be reminded that these cyber crime related laws were passed under the Apc administration in Nigeria and makes them operatable anywhere in the country.

Specifically, according to a statement by Hon Sunday Bisi, the Osun state chairman of the rulling PDP, Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, etc.) Act of 2015 criminalizes cyberstalking and cyberbullying, and offenders can face penalties such as Imprisonment for up to 10 years, Fines of up to N25 million, Forfeitures and other sundry penalties.

For Apc information, the National Assembly has also passed the “Prohibition of Cyberbullying Bill” in 2022, which specifically targets cyberbullying and provides for: Imprisonment for up to 2 years, Fines of up to N1 million etc, depending on gravity and prosecution particulars.

In all of the laws, no where it is indicated that an Osun Apc member that the ‘state Chapter is proud of’, is exempted from punishment after blatant violation of the law.

The PDP therefore called on the regurgitating Apc to brace itself for a match they certainly cannot win, because it has never been found in the DNA of the ruling PDP to succumb to invented blackmail.

Mr Akin Adeyi or whoever courted a date with bitter side of the law should be ready to face his destiny with dictates of the law. Any attempt to blackmail the law enforcement agencies in this wise, is unwise, crude and legally unintelligent.

It is public knowledge that Mr Akin Adeyi willfully and knowingly informed the world through several cyber platforms that the state public transport scheme, ‘Imole De Bus’ was involved in a delibrate fatal accident, ascribing loss of human lives, which invariably was meant to incite public anger against the state government scheme, cause unwarranted destruction of the said buses and other state assets, and ultimately instigate unrest and public chaos.

As a living adult, it is not out of order to allow Mr Akin Adeyi to explain his activities in this regard, especially when motive of his activities was not expressly explained within the cyber space.

The APC, instead of exposing their mental inefficiency to the civilized world, should gather their team of baby lawyers as usual and put them forward to defend Akin Adeyi’s atrocious activities. Members of the public that the APC is trying to ambush their sympathy are already well ahead of them intellectually.

We hold that what the APC is trying to enforce for Akin Adeyi is an express licence for criminality, wherein, even if he slaughters another citizen in broad daylight, he should not be arrested? This is not only absurd but utterly insane.

We wonder what has gone wrong with APC and its leadership, asking the same police who Akin Adeyi himself had praised to high heavens for respecting and offering him bail on self recognition, only to now begin to cast aspersions on the security agency after he went off the lane by portraying the operatives as minions on their job.

Is it the PDP again that asked Akin Adeyi to allege the police of attempting to poison him even after granting him bail? Is Inspector General of Police not trained to investigate such a weighty allegation against the Nigerian Police? APC should know that while it is good to be clever, it is however wrong to be stupid in the cleverness!

That the same police who have effected arrest and prosecution of PDP members, including high ranking serving officials, would suddenly become subject of castigation in the hands of the same APC, only goes to tell us the extent of confusion pervading the fragmented opposition party.

Hon Sunday Bisi therefore called on the police authorities to be alive to their responsibilities to a sane and peaceful society by refusing to succumb to the evil antics of the APC to cripple the police and throw our society into avoidable crisis.

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