Governor Adeleke Hosts Maiden Edition of Ipade Imole

The first edition of an open forum program tagged “Ipade Imole” scheduled by Governor Ademola Adeleke to give accountability of the happenings of the administration and receive feedback from the people held its maiden edition at the Aurora Event Center on Thursday 5th October, 2023.

The program was opened with an opening prayer by Dr. John Adeleke, Alhaji Abdulfatah Jagunmolu, Dr Seyi Atanda representing the three major religion in the state.

Oluomo Kolapo Alimi, the Commissioner for Information in his opening address described the essence of the meeting as one necessary for a government who believes in accountability and feedback. The day he said is to get the feedback and give report of what has been going on in the government since its inception.

He also appreciated the effort of the Adeleke led administration in bringing peace to the warring factions in Ifon/Ilobu. He appealed and prayed that peace reigns in the area so as to enaure the progress of the state at large.

Gov. Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, the host of the event, worried about the state of things at Ifon/Ilobu, sort the understanding of the audience for the delay in the program as promised in his manifesto. These are his words;

“We have been working on the things we promised, which is why the program has never started. With this kick – off? It’s going to become quarterly. This is to ensure that the citizens understand how their money is being spent.”

He further assured everyone present and at home of freedom to ask questions without fear or favour. Which is why he invited the royal father’s to ensure that people’s minds are at ease. He stated that the Ifon/ilobu crises is a genuine reason to stop the program from taking place but it must happen.

Governor Adeleke informed everyone present that the directive has been given that anyone found on the supposed land causing the crises should be arrested. Also, it hence becomes a government property. The curfew must also thus run 24hrs, so as to ensure peace. He sternly warned the people of Ifon/Ilobu to not be the hindering block of the progress of Osun state. The number one citizen of the state stated that community leaders have been invited for a round table discussion and this sought the prayers of all royal fathers present for a better and peaceful state.

In order to achieve success at the program, Governor Adeleke stated that two things were put in place;

1 – full speech of his achievements as printed in the Imole Magazine. The magazine highlighted the achievements and stages of some projects embarked on by the Ademola Adeleke led administration. He enjoined everyone present to read and digest the content of the magazine so as to ensure that by the next quarterly meeting, richer and more profound questions and solutions are tabled.

2 – creation of questionairres for delegates to get honest feedback from all and sundry, so that his administration can learn and relearn. This, the Governor expressed is to ensure anonymity of the responders and to get honest feedback without the fear of being
identified or threatened.

Asides the 25minutes documentary that highlighted the achievements of the administration with testimonials played to be viewed by all, Governor Adeleke, stated this…

Each Borehole sunk cost one million, five hundred thousand naira each. All functioning, with power generating sets attached to each.

Ilesha waterscheme – He alighted that the project shall be looked into and completed for the advantage of the Osun people. He also assured that:

  1. Additional buses asides that of the federal government is being put in place for the benefit of the state. The Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Sesan. Oyedele who was invited by the Governor said that the buses will be ready and unveiled by the 19th of November. Asides repair,more buses will also be purchased in addition to the existing ones.
  2. Rehabilitation of the health sector – Governor Adeleke announced that the second Imole outreach will be coming up soon with the result of the first outreach given by the Commissionersl for Health below:
  • The first outreach was meant to reach 2000 per local government but almost 4000 was virtually done in each area.
  • Over 25,000 beneficiaries of the second phase as opposed to the scheduled 3000 scheduled for each zone. The Commissioner hoped that it will further continue on a regular basis.
  1. Purchase of food items for the people. The number one citizen of the state stated that a procurement order has been given to purchase more food to serve as palliative for the residents of Osun asides the one given by the Federal government.
  2. Pension debts – Governor Adeleke enlightened that his administration has widened pension debts payments – Despite the accrued debt by the previous administration, he stated that security votes have not been procured during his administration. He assured that the security votes will be used for the right purposes and if not required shall not be tampered with.
  3. White papers on the disputed kingship in some areas of the state are ready for presentation. The approval of the white paper will be released and gazetted soon, he assured.
  4. Ministry of Education on the recruitment of teachers has been charged to conduct a need based assessment, so as to understand the needs of the schools in the state before recruitment shall be done.
  5. Streets lights in Osogbo and Ede – The Imole solar project has commenced in the aforementioned areas and just as his name implies, he intends to bring light to the good people of Osun state.
    Governor Adeleke further noted that Infrastructure upgradebjs assured at all levels. He clearly stated that his administration is not open to borrowing this leaving debts for future administration, rather Overdraft may be employed but not borrowing.

He also assured that there are no more and there shall be no more bureaucratic delays in the performance of actions. All necessary things to be done shall be done at the right periods.

For existing projects completed by the Ademola led administration, no new contractor was engaged, rather the ones that were already in the employ of the state government.
Osun he describes will be a reference point to other states. He promised that all abandoned projects shall be completed, irrespective of the administration that started such projects.

A liason office which has been abandoned for 12years shall be completed to a befitting state, he also promised.
The doing and working Governor said the Osun people should further expect better things such as: Dualization of roads at two per senatorial bridges; Flyover bridges at Osogbo and some other towns, Streetlights for all newly constructed roads and 332 more boreholes to be sunk at each local government area again, the commencement of Imole transport service. All to be funded by the 7billion released by the federal government as debts owed to the state and not newly borrowed by his administration. The money shall be used for what it is scheduled for, even though they may not be enough, parts of the security votes scheduled for him shall be used for such.

In his plans for the good people of Osun is the Imole Housing Estate of 500units, to be located throughout the federal constituencies in the state.

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