Why I don’t hide my powders, lip gloss from my parents – Enioluwa

Popular Nigerian media personality, Enioluwa Adeoluwa aka lip gloss boy, has disclosed why he does not hide his powders and lip gloss from his parents.

He said this on his Twitter handle on Tuesday.

Adeoluwa, who is known for reapplying lip gloss and powders in his contents, stated that he does not hide his beauty products from his parents because he grew up in love and that internet trolls cannot disturb him.

He wrote, “I grew up in love. When I tell my dad ‘I love you’ he says ‘I love you too’ If I go home, my mum would run outside to hug me. I don’t have to hide my powders or lipgloss from my parents.

“There is absolutely nothing, nothing anyone on the internet wants to say that would ever get me bothered.”

Credit: Twitter | Enioluwa_

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