Hijrah 1446: Governor Adeleke Preaches Inter-Faith Unity, Peace

Governor Ademola Adeleke has appealed for closer inter-faith unity and peaceful coexistence among residents of all faiths as the Muslim ummah celebrates the commencement of new Hijrah calendar.

Speaking through the Secretary to the State Government, Hon Teslim Igbalaye who represented him at the Celebration of the new Hijrah calendar, Governor Adeleke said “this event marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year Calendar and serves as a reminder of the Prophet’s courage, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to his faith.

“As we celebrate Hijrah 1446, we reflect on the values that define us as a people of resilience, compassion, and justice. These values have guided us as a state, and we remain dedicated to upholding them in all that we do.

“As we move forward, let us draw inspiration from the Prophet’s example, let us work together to build a society that is just, equitable, and prosperous for all.

“In the spirit of Hijrah, we are reminded of the importance of unity and cooperation among individuals, communities, and nations. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his companions demonstrated remarkable unity, resilience, and compassion during their migration. They exemplified the values of love, tolerance, and respect for others, regardless of their religious differences. These noble teachings continue to guide us today and remind us of the need to build bridges of understanding and foster harmony among diverse communities and religions”, the Governor stated.

He noted that Osun State, known for its rich cultural heritage and spirit of communal coexistence, embodies the essence of Hijrah, urging continued peaceful relationships among people of all faiths.

According to the Governor, Hijrah symbolizes the movement of Prophet Mohammed and his followers from a hostile environment to a more peaceful and accommodating society, adding that Osun State remains a symbol of religious harmony and unity.

“We are all aware that Osun State comprises different ethnicities, languages, and religious beliefs, all coming together as one vibrant and diverse community. It is in the spirit of this that I wish to implore every resident of the State to let us strive to foster a society that is built on the foundations of inclusivity, understanding, and dialogue.

“We must continue to embrace diversity and recognize that our differences can be a source of strength, rather than division. By working together, irrespective of our religious or cultural backgrounds, we can create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and protected.

“I am bold to say that Osun State has always been a beacon of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Our commitment to fostering an atmosphere of unity and harmony has been instrumental in the progress and development we have achieved thus far. Our administration assures you all that we will continue to prioritize the well-being and welfarism of every citizen, regardless of their faith or belief”, the Governor posited.

He used the occasion to express gratitude to the Muslim community in Osun State for their invaluable contributions to state development, commending their unwavering commitment to the principles of Islam, dedication to community service, and tireless efforts to promote social justice and harmony.

“I urge you to continue to be beacons of light and agents of positive change in our society. I assure you that my administration is highly committed and proud to stand alongside you as we work hand in hand to achieve our shared vision of progress and prosperity”, the Governor concluded.

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