Ife FlyOver: Adeleke Infra-Structural Agenda

There is no gainsaying that Governor Ademola Adeleke is a well-informed governor who understands the social and economic terrain of Osun State, his style of governance is far beyond normal Nigeria governors’ forms of governance, and his ability to identify the needs of the people has distinguished him among his colleagues in the corridor of power.

In view of the aforementioned leadership skills and experience, Governor Ademola Adeleke’s ideology on infrastructural Development programs in Osun is of importance to the development of the State and the people of the State.

The cradle of the Black Race, the Oduduwa Home, and the Origin of the Yoruba extractions would be welcoming Mr. Project in the Heart of Ile Ife for the laying of the foundation for the Ile Ife flyover project in Lagere.

This project will lift the face of Ile Ife to its proper place and aid the movement of goods and services in Ile Ife and its environment, the economic benefit of this project is enormous due to the strategic location it’s been placed in. It will reduce unnecessary road accidents, and traffic congestion and support the free movement of goods and services among others.

It is important as the cabinet members of this government from Ile Ife, to appreciate the love and kind gesture shown to us by the performing Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke on the good people of Ile Ife.

Mr. Project, Governor Ademola Adeleke, Ife loves you and we are here to support you and stand by you on your re-election.

Ekaboo si Ilu Omoluabi, Ile Ife, The Source.


Ife Zone Cabinet Members

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