Pensions: Governor Adeleke Beats 12 Years Records of APC, Pays N12,7b against N11.1b of APC Era

Governor Ademola Adeleke has surpassed the entire records of 12 years of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in pension payment with Twelve Billion and Seven billion naira plus within one and half years as against Eleven Billion and One Hundred million naira plus of the entire Twelve years of APC government.

Governor Adeleke made the disclosure amidst cheering responses of senior citizens as the state Governor again released another Four billion naira bond for retires at state and local levels.

Governor Adeleke spoke further at the event:

“For my administration, the amount of bonds released from December 2022 to date across State and LGAs is Twelve Billion, Seven Hundred and Nineteen Million, Two Hundred and Forty Five Naira (N12, 719,245,528,00).

“I invite us all to note that the administration of my two predecessors for 12 years paid Eleven billion, One Hundred and Fifty Five Million, Six Hundred and Fifty One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eight Hundred Naira (N11,155,651,780.56) for gratuities at the State level. At the local level, the two previous governments for twelve years paid Six billion, Four Hundred and Eighty Eight Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Four Naira (N6,488,876,324.58).

“On presentation of bond to retirees from December 2022 to date, our government has presented bond worth Six Billion, Fifty Three Million, Five Hundred and Forty Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventy Five Naira (N6,053,547,675.49) for 930 Retirees.

“From December 2022 to date, including that of today, the amount paid is Six Billion , Six Hundred and Sixty Five Million, Six Hundred and Ninety Seven Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Two Naira (N6,665,697,852.87) for 1,355 retirees.

“Today, I am presenting a total of One Billion , Five Hundred and Eighty Eight Million, Four Hundred and Five Million and Four Naira (N1,588,405,004.85 ) for 247 retirees at state level. For local level, a total of Two Billion , Four Hundred and Twenty Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty Six Naira (N2,420,953,426.71). The total I am presenting as bind today for both states and local retirees is Four Billion, Nine Million, Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Thousand (N4,009,358,431.00)

“I invite us to note as I did on the gratuities payment comparison that my two predecessor for 12 years released bond worth Eleven Billion, One Hundred and Fifty Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy One Naira ( N11,150,871,889.00)”, the Governor affirmed.

He narrated further that “From 2022 to date, our government has paid One Billion, Eight Hundred Million Naira (N1,800,000,000.00) as gratuities to civil servants, Tertiary Institutions, Parastatals and Secondary Schools at the state level.

“Within the same period, our government has paid local government and primary school retirees a total of Two Billion , Five Hundred and Fifteen Million, Eighty Thousand and Fifty Six Naira (N2,519,080,056.62). The total for states and local governments from 2022 to date is Four Billion, Three Hundred and Nineteen Million, Eighty Thousand and Fifty Six Naira (N4,319,080,056.62)”, Mr Governor disclosed.

Governor Adeleke provides further breakdown:

  • Gratuities paid from December 2022 to date at the State level = N1.8bn
  • Gratuities paid at the local level from December 2022 to date = N2,519,080,056.62
  • Total for both State and local level = N4,319,080,056.62
  • Bonds released at the State level from December 2022 to date = N6,053,547,675.49
  • At the local level = N6,665,697,852.87
  • Total to date for both local and State levels from ▪︎ For my December 2022 to date = N12,719,245,528.00 while for my two predecessor, the total is N11,150,871,889.00.

Governor Adeleke who commended the Head of Service for his ingenuity and efficiency said his administration
achieve the above uncommon feat by thinking out of the box and by personal sacrifices among my team.

“ One method that we employed was to approve the recommendation of the Head of Service to improve on the monthly releases for gratuities and bonds so that we can accommodate as many as we can on a monthly basis. And so what we did was to increase such monthly by 100%. As we speak, regular and full payment of pensions continue unabated.

“Permit me on this note to commend the Head of Service, Elder Ayanleye Aina and his team for their effective and efficient management of the public service especially with respect to the handling of salaries, pensions and gratuities of workers and pensioners. I salute the HOS for his doggedness , dedication to duty and his demonstrated strength to resolve knotty issues. I am proud of you and your able team of bureaucrats.

“I also want to reaffirm our government’s commitment to upholding workers’ welfare as the Number One priority on our governance agenda. For Osun state, the nexus between formal and informal workforce justifies our focus on well treated public service. We will continue to devote our time to paying off the pension and half salary debt while also providing succor to the workforce”, the Governor noted.

Representatives of the pensioners, Gbenga Oyadare and Toyin Ayinde both commended Governor Adeleke , declaring that “ there is no vacancy in Abere come 2026”

Amidst singing singing and praises, pensioners applauded the commitment of Governor Adeleke to paying off the pensions and half salaries, calling the Governor “talk and do” leader.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the State Governor

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