Remi Tinubu urges women to embrace farming, food production

The Renewed Hope Initiative has launched the #EveryHomeAGarden competition, aimed at promoting farming and food production at the family level, encouraging Nigerians to cultivate a culture of gardening and healthy eating from the comfort of their own homes.

This was made known by the First Lady of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu on on Saturday.

According to her, the #EveryHomeAGarden initiative seeks to instill a habit of farming and food production in society, starting from the family unit.

She urged all Nigerian women to participate in the competition, embracing farming and food production as a vital aspect of their daily lives.

Senator Tinubu shared photos of her own garden, where she has planted seven different vegetables, and personally tends to them with the caption, “#EveryHomeAGarden competition by the Renewed Hope Initiative, RHI is not just a competition. It aims to inculcate the habit of farming and food production into the society right from the family unit and promote eating healthy foods.

“Earlier today, I was at my garden to tend to it and water my plants myself. I have planted 7 different vegetables.

“I would like to encourage all Nigerian women to join the #EveryHomeAGarden competition and get involved in farming and food production.”

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