APC is a curse to Nigeria and its Party Members – Osun PDP Chairman

The Osun People’s Democratic party Chairman,Dr Akindele Adekunle has described the All Progressive Congress (APC) as curse to Nigeria and its Party Members.

In a press statement issued by the chairman on Wednesday which was received by Sahel correspondent noted that:

“It is with despicable regret that we have to react to an inciting diatribes from Osun APC credited to their good for nothing Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal

“In the said statement, the useless political party known for its diversionary tactics, not taking responsibilities for their actions and blame game all the time accused the PDP and our very revered Presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of being responsible for the fuel scarcity, currency crisis and weaponised poverty the party had inflicted on Nigerians for the past 8years they’ve been in government

“If not for senility and acute dementia like their Presidential Candidate is suffering from, how in God’s name will a ruling party accused the opposition of being the mastermind of their lack of ideas in governing the affairs of a country?

“Was it the PDP that emphatically said at a campaign ground that students will use 8years for four years course in their different tertiary institutions?

“Was it the PDP that put our children and their lecturers at home for good eight months with no tangible solution arrived at but ASUU had to grudgingly accept to resume back to work?

“Is it also the opposition that mastermind the youthful revolts of 2020 tagged #EndSARS; the Twitter ban, the High inflation rate in the country, the unabated
Kidnappings, killings and insecurity issues?

“When will Osun APC and its national leadership stop the blaming shaming game and take full responsibility for once in their wretched life?

“You can’t begin your Presidential Campaign rally at a time on a mantra of continuing on President Muhammadu Buhari’s legacy and then in a quick shift, turn away from that because the public ratings doesn’t support the acceptance of your failed presidential candidate in the forthcoming polls, then start accusing others for your shortcomings. What a shame!

“You cannot pride in an asset without taking full responsibility for the liability of the company as well, it is not possible. It is only a party that is a curse to the country and its party members that revels in such despicable blame game and sheer wickedness”

“As a party in Osun, we stand on our claim that Osun Apc demigod and Presidential candidate with fake records, Mr Tinubu in his desperate measure to mop up new Naira notes has crafted strategies in swapping the new naira notes with his ill-gotten old notes stashed away in secret vaults, because, having been rejected by Nigerians, he has relied solely on vote-buying, financial inducements and heavy bribing to compromise and derail the electoral process and this and many other reasons are what is causing the naira/currency scarcity in the country at the moment.

“Osun PDP is disturbed by the harrowing experiences being faced by Nigerians who are at the receiving end of the Tinubu Campaign induced cash scarcity ravaging our nation at this time coupled with the issue of fuel scarcity and this tells to the reason why the Irremovable Governor of the people of Osun, Senator Ademola Adeleke had championed a high powered executive Committee led by the Chief of Staff to the Governor, to see to the monitoring and even distribution of PMS to the retail outlets in the state as its coming from the depot

“Furthermore, more disgusting is that the Osun Apc and the campaign outfit of their demigod has now disgracefully resorted to hypocritical propaganda, shedding of crocodile tears, pointing accusing fingers at others and posturing as champions of the people, but unfortunately for them, Nigerians are too wise to fall for such gimmicks as they’ve seen through them, that they’re the real enemies of the people.

“In their usual diversionary tactics, instead of speaking to the issues we’ve raised, the Osun Apc led by their good for nothing Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal resulted into name calling and uncivilised way of public communication in addressing the ranging issues, we will rather challenged him to publicise his track records in life compared to the very refined, impeccable and distinguished track record of the Caretaker Committee Chairman of PDP in Osun State, Dr Akindele Adekunle. A celebrated medical doctor of distinctive year’s of experience and practice before his sojourn into politics which has produced good enviable results that Tajudeen Lawal can never match in life.

If it is the fraudulently procured ‘Buga Judgment’ that is giving the Osun Apc some level of confidence in recent time, we wish to let them know that come February 25th, 2023, Osun Apc will be trashed into the dustbin of history in Osun State and the travesty of justice they relied upon will never stand!

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